MSA British Sporting Trials Championship

Round 2: Walsingham (750 MC Sporting Trial Centre), 1 March

Roland Uglow and Ian Bell tied for victory in the Walsingham sporting trial, dropping their totals of 10 marks on the same hills in the morning.

Father and son Ian and Josh Veale finished on 15 marks each, with the tie-break favouring Ian with more zeros and Josh finishing as the top live axle car.

Paul Price (CAP) won the Intermediate class in fifth place on 19 marks lost, from Steve Courts (Facksimile) who finished 10th on 24 marks. The Novice class was won by David Hailes (Facksimile) in a magnificent sixth overall, having dropped 20 marks, from John Cole (MJH) who dropped 28 marks.

Results1 Roland Uglow / Laura Wilks (Crossle) 10 marks lost= Ian Bell / Russell Sharp (Hamilton) 10 marks lost3 Ian Veale / Sandy Veale (Sherpa) 15 marks lost

Provisional championship standings1 Ian Bell – 29 points2 Josh Veale – 273 Peter Fensom – 17= Julian Fack – 1

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