Don't Miss Out on a Lime Rock Winter 'Snowcross' Day

Lime Rock are extremely pleased that the Winter Autocross Days are so popular and clearly hit a sweet spot for the driving aficionados in New England. One of the biggest advocates of the "snowcross" is Business Development Director Walter Irvine, who wanted to remind everyone about some important bits of info at the  close-out the 2015 Winter Autocross season...

* There are only four dates remaining that have available spots, these are it!

Wednesday, March 4Thursday, March 5Thursday, March 12Friday, March 13

* Winter Autocross Days are perfect to teach the new drivers in your family the all-important car control skills you can’t get anywhere else. Doing a “Parent & Child” Winter Autocross Day makes too much sense not to do

* You can renta race-prepped Mazda Miata equipped with Goodyear studless ice-and-snow tires. In many ways, this is the perfect car for snowcross. Call Walter at 860.435.5000 if you’re interested

* All the natural snow  means all of the remaining Winter Autocross Days will utilize the combined 1/2-mile, 8-turn Autocross Course for most of each day's sessions

Don't delay if you want to get slideways!

Call Lime Rock at 860.435.5000 to schedule one of the last Winter Autocross Days of the year.

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