Jem Marsh R.I.P.

Larger than life character, Jem Marsh, a regular face at the Castle Combe circuit, has passed away at the age of 84.

Jem, who was born in Clifton, Bristol was the founder of Marcos Cars, once based at nearby Westbury. Jem was a well-known character at the circuit, having first raced there in 1964, taking 2 race wins in his Marcos 1000GT. He scored another 2 race wins in his Marcos Volvo in 1968. His famous small car, the Mini-Marcos, had its race debut there in Sept 1965 and Jem continued to be a regular visitor to his local track up to 2011 when the ‘CSCC’ President’s Cup race for Marcos cars was run in April of that year.Marcos was once Wiltshire’s only car manufacturer, but went into liquidation in 2007. But its cars are still winning races in historic events all over the world. The famous Trans XL Marcos built and raced by Steve Roberts and once an all-conquering car at Castle Combe, still holds four land speed records.The circuit offers its sincere condolences to Jem’s family.

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