Something for everyone at Aldershot Rally for Heroes

As the south of England's only multi-venue asphalt rally, Aldershot Rally for Heroes gets ever closer, the team from Southern Car Club and Farnborough District Motor Club are hard at work to ensure that only the best is available come Friday 10 April.

Over the last few months, armies of volunteers have been busy with the planning and safety requirements needed to ensure the enjoyment of everyone who takes part in this year's event.

What's new in 2015? A novel way of raising charity donations to support Help for Heroes in the entry fee; a visit back to the fabled Longcross venue after many years; a brand-new stage in Aldershot. There is a lot to excite competitors when they descend on the south of England for the Aldershot Rally for Heroes on 10/11 April 2015.

The event will provide participants with stages on Friday night and all day Saturday rallying over asphalt roads; these range from wide, sweeping 'semi-public' roads, through tight and technically-challenging military compounds, to narrow, winding lanes through woodland.

There is also the Mini Aldershot Rally for Heroes; this will cover just the Saturday stages, for those who have difficulty-taking Friday off.

Another benefit is the Super Rally, for those who - having competed on Friday evening - have the unthinkable happen and retire. Subject to re-scrutiny, they can slot back into Super Rally on the Saturday.

For Simon Taylor, Chairman of the Organising committee, it is a case of thanking those who help and contribute to the running of the event; he said: "Without doubt, if it was not for the owners of Longcross, and all the other owners of the areas where we have stages, it would be very difficult to run the event. They have been so willing, and supportive of the event, and made what we are trying to achieve that much easier. We have new stages, a new Rally HQ, and a new Service Area - there is an awful lot that everyone can look forward to."

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