Freedom for 'old timers' at Chopard Racecar Trophy


3rd Chopard Racecar Trophy, 15 - 18 July, Grobming, Austria

The "Chopard Racecar-Trophy" is an independent competition which takes place during the Ennstal-Classic days. The owners of historic race and rally cars are able to drive their jewels in beautiful surroundings and - at the same time - experience the legendary aura of the Ennstal-Classic, including all evening events.


The Chopard Racecar-Trophy takes place at four venues. It starts at the Red Bull circuit in Spielberg on Thursday: at the Austrian Formula 1 racetrack, 'free driving' is the dtheme. On Friday, the starting field moves on to the spectacular Tauplitzalm Alproad. In the afternoon, a circuit at the airfield Niederoblarn is driven.

The finale takes place on Saturday in Grobming, with the final regularity test Moosheim-Grobming and the Chopard Grand Prix, where 20,000 enthusiastic spectators cheer for the participants.


Epoch I: monoposto racecars until 1983

Epoch II: Sports and GT cars, racing two-seaters, sports prototypes and rally cars until 1952

Epoch III: Sports and GT cars, racing two-seaters, sports prototypes and rally cars from 1953 until 1983

The ENTRY FEE for one team, including four evening events and starter package with team garments, etc, excluding accommodation, is €2,000.

Last day of registration: 31 March 2015



Tuesday, March 31: Entries close.

Wednesday 15 July: Check-In Grobming; Welcome Evening at Schloss Pichlarn.

Thursday 16 July: Red Bull Circuit Spielberg; Drivers' Evening at the classic-tent Grobming.

Friday 17 July: Tauplitzalm Alproad; Airfield Niederoblarn; Schladming evening at the Posthotel.

Saturday 18 July: Chopard Grand Prix of Grobming; Night of the Champions at the classic-tent Grobming.

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