Dakar Challenge Timetable Published

In a car or on a bike, the passion for all-terrain competition can be found on all continents.

With or without navigation difficulties or passages over dunes, many leading races welcome riders and drivers whose playground, for some, is limited, despite their talent, to the borders of their home country.

To find the best amongst them and allow them to try their luck on the rally of their dreams, several races are selected each year to welcome the Dakar Challenge, a special classification reserved for riders and drivers who have never taken part in the Dakar.

This season, the first event will take place in South Africa in March with the RFS Endurance Harrismith. The two Dakar Series rallies of the year, in Argentina and Paraguay, will be the only ones to offer simultaneous admission to the rally in the car, bike and quad categories.

The Baja 500 in Mexico will only concern the car crews, whilst the Sardegna Rally Race, which is on the programme of the FIM world cup, will make its debut as a Dakar Challenge event.

The Dakar Challenge calendar in 2015:

1. 27th/28th March: RFS Endurance Harrismith / South Africa (cars) 2. 18th/24th May: Desafio Ruta 40 - Dakar Series / Argentina (cars, bikes, quads)3. 4th/7th June: 47th Bud Light SCORE Baja 500 / Mexico (cars)4. 6th/11th June: Sardegna Rally Race / Italy (bikes) 5. 6th/12th July: Desafio Guarani - Dakar Series / Paraguay (cars, bikes, quads)

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