Red Bull Friday Practice review

DANIIL KVYATFirst Practice Session: Position: 9, Best Time: 1:42.055, Laps: 18Second Practice Session: Position: 4, Best Time: 1:40.346, Laps: 17“We had a few small issues at the end of the session, but nothing too big and it looks better for us here; we got some good laps today. We are looking to make some steps overnight and we will keep working. There is definitely potential and things are looking better compared to Melbourne, we just need to keep working hard. The time sheets look good, but it’s Friday, so you can’t read much into that and it’s more important to see what happens tomorrow and Sunday. We will keep fighting!”DANIEL RICCIARDOFirst Practice Session: Position: 6, Best Time: 1:41.787, Laps: 15Second Practice Session: Position: 10, Best Time: 1:41.799, Laps: 8 laps“Some things are definitely positive and the bulk of the driveability issues we had in Melbourne are a lot better now. The car was a lot nicer to drive. We got to do a few set up things this morning then we had a few issues this afternoon which limited our running. But there are some positives and we got some good feedback from Dany; he wasn’t too far off the pace of the Ferrari’s so that’s good and encouraging for tomorrow. We are finding improvements. If I see rain before qualifying tomorrow, I’ll probably have a little smile!”****************************************In it for the long haulThe first four races all involve marathon flights from F1’s team bases and it can get pretty dull at 40,000ft once you watched all the movies. How to liven things up? Invite five of your favourite celebs. Here Garage Technician Nigel Hope offers up his five dream long-haul companions1. First off I want a private jet. Done? Good. I love music, so first of all I’d have [New York DJ] Danny Tenaglia. He could play the music while we’re flying. He’s been around a long time and is probably the last of the old school DJs. Love him.2. This is kind of weird but I think I’d have Bo Derek from the film 10. It would have to be from that era, 1980 or whatever it was. She could be doing the drinks.3. Next I’d have Arnold Schwarzenegger. Growing up I idolised Arnold. I started lifting weights when I was younger and I always kept myself fit playing rugby and Arnold Schwarzenegger, there was just something fascinating about him. I wanted to get a picture taken with him years ago, at Silverstone, but I missed him. I finally got a picture with him two weeks ago in Melbourne. I didn’t know what to do with myself.4. Fourth on the list, another childhood hero, Smokey and the Bandit – Burt Reynolds. I reckon between him and Arnold there are two people you could have a really good conversation with.5. I have to go cheesy on the final one and say my partner. We done a lot of travelling together and I can’t think of a better travelling companion. Our biggest trip recently was to the peak of Kala Patthar at the foot of Mount Everest. If you can pee in a bottle next to your partner for two weeks then you can get through anything.

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