AFRICA ECO RACE: The real race to Dakar

After a short break in order to clean up all the equipment, check up and repair all the vehicles, and give everyone the opportunity to rest and right their reports we are again! The AFRICA ECO RACE team is back on track.Jean Louis SCHLESSER, the “desert fox”, is heading to Astrakhan where he knows the landscape well. The boss has raced over there and has been victorious multiple times.

He has accepted an invitation from the organizers of the second round of the Russian Cross Country Rally Championship( 15th and 18th of April in Astrakhan), an opportunity to meet with people from the east, especially locals, with who he has established very close relationships.

Jean Louis SCHLESSER will participate in the official start ceremony and will open the track with a special guest as a co-driver, the governer of the Astrakhan region.

"I’m glad to be back in Astrakhan. Last time I was delighted by the hospitality and the kindness of the locals. I keep in memory the podium at the Silk Way Rally back in 2013 in this beautiful place. It was one of my toughest wins! I’m really looking forward in meeting all of my Russian friends and obviously the ones who have participated to the AFRICA ECO RACE».

The meeting will also be an opportunity for the 6 times winner of the AFRICA ECO RACE, to present the 8th edition of the event which will take its participants to the mythical Lac Rose in Senegal after a 6500 km journey crossing Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal from December 27th 2015 to January 10th 2016.


Concerning the 2016 course, René METGE is getting ready to go on reconnoiter with his devoted team, José Maria SERVIA, Fina ROMAN and Manfred KROISS. The course, which is his secret, will have as little liaisons as possible and as many bivouac start/finish stages as possible. Also, there will be 2 loop stages in Mauritania which are appreciated by the Service Team.

For those who missed past AFRICA ECO RACE events, and while waiting for the opening of the registrations, they can throw themselves back in this magnificent adventure, THE REAL RACE through the 2015 DVD which has just been released.

Live the best moments throughout a 52 minute long summary, available from


Since returning from the 2014 event, enquiries for participating in the 2016 AFRICA ECO RACE have been increasing, many of from our faithful competitors as well as newcomers including prestigious teams - we can tell the 8th edition of the AFRICA ECO RACE will be a “grand cru”!

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