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SHEFFIELD newcomer Arthur Sissis has given the revitalised Tigers the thumbs-up as they go into back-to-back Easter clashes with Redcar in the League Cup.Sissis made his debut in last week’s comfortable win over Scunthorpe, and they now face the Bears with the sides meeting at Owlerton on Thursday before the return 24-hours later.Sissis said: “I couldn’t believe when the boys told me Scunthorpe beat us three times at home last year, because we won pretty comfortably in the end.“It was a great first meeting, everyone looked confident and was scoring points. Hopefully we can keep that going over the next two nights and enjoy a good Easter weekend.”Bears boss Jitendra Duffill is expecting a tough test ahead as his team look to bounce back from a heavy opening-night home defeat to Workington.They are awaiting confirmation on the fitness of Stuart Robson for the away match following his crash last week, and they will use rider-replacement at Owlerton if he does not ride.Duffill said: “Sheffield have assembled a good side this year with a strong number 1 in Simon Stead and a reserve that can score double figures in Josh Bates. They are solid throughout and will be very tough to beat on their own track.“Last week was a poor start, to be beaten by 20 points at home is hard to swallow. We were unlucky to lose Stuart Robson early in the meeting and the writing was on the wall at that point, but I feel we would have lost the meeting even if Stuart hadn't sustained his injury.”


PETERBOROUGH No.1 Olly Allen expects to be in plaster for six weeks after suffering a dislocation, breaks and ligament damage to his right ankle.Allen crashed out of the Panthers’ home defeat against Rye House last Friday although the damage appears not to be as serious as first feared.He said: “It's been a difficult few days, but I'm in pretty good spirits as I know my injuries could have been a lot worse. The doctors were mentioning a recovery period of six months initially, so I guess I will settle for being in plaster for six weeks.“I've had terrific support from the club that I really appreciate. I've given them free rein to do whatever they feel they need to do in terms of my place in the team. Speedway is a business and it is vital they do whatever they feel is best to help us win meetings.”


KENT have named Jamie Couzins and Adam Sheppard at reserve for their opening fixtures against Eastbourne over the Bank Holiday weekend.The duo contested a series of races with fellow contender Matt Saul during the club’s press and practice event on Monday, although Saul was ruled out of immediate team contention after breaking his wrist in a first-bend tangle with Couzins.Manager Chris Hunt said: “With Matt winning one race and Jamie another but Adam a close second in both, it didn’t exactly answer the questions posed! In the end the decision turned out to be made for us to the extent that after feeling the effects increasingly as the night went on of the damage sustained to his hand, Matt had it checked out at A&E and found he has a broken wrist. “It’s very tough luck on the lad but we know he’ll be back as soon as he can and on the strength of his showing as a first timer to Speedway, we’re sure there’s plenty more to come from him. Meanwhile Jamie and Adam will be in the side at Arlington on Good Friday and then for our opening home meeting three days later.”(FIXTURES)

THURSDAY APRIL 2:LEAGUE CUP: Sheffield v Redcar 7.30

FRIDAY APRIL 3:ELITE LEAGUE: Belle Vue v Wolverhampton 12pm, Coventry v Leicester 7.30, Lakeside v King’s Lynn 1pm, Poole v Swindon 11am, Swindon v Poole 7.30LEAGUE CUP: Ipswich v Peterborough 1.45, Peterborough v Ipswich 7.30, Redcar v Sheffield 7.30, Somerset v Plymouth 7.30CITY GEARBOXES NATIONAL LEAGUE: Birmingham v Stoke 8pmNATIONAL TROPHY: Eastbourne v Kent 7.30SPRING TROPHY 2nd leg: Edinburgh v Glasgow 7.30

SATURDAY APRIL 4:ELITE LEAGUE: Leicester v Coventry 7.30LEAGUE CUP: Berwick v Glasgow 7pm, Plymouth v Somerset 7.15NATIONAL TROPHY: Rye House v Mildenhall 7pmIAN THOMAS SHIELD 1st leg: Workington v Newcastle 7pm

SUNDAY APRIL 5: BRITISH UNDER-21 SEMI-FINAL: Mildenhall 3.30LEAGUE CUP: Glasgow v Berwick 3pmIAN THOMAS SHIELD 2nd leg: Newcastle v Workington 6.30

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