Hankey-Yoluc and TF Sport Aston take thrilling GT Open win in Monza

The Turk and the Brit score their second success of the year after breath-taking finale, resisting the assault of the Orange1 Team Lazarus Lambo of Biagi-Crestani, who strengthen their championship lead

In another fierce final battle, Ledogar-West take 3rd and podium honors with the Garage 59 McLaren

Sixth win of the season for Da Costa-Sardinha (Sports&You Mercedes) in GT-Am, ahead of Galbiati sr&jr (Antonelli Lambo) and the SGC of Bontempelli-Caccia

Euan Hankey and Salih Yoluc brilliantly took their second win of the year, imposing from the pole the TF Sport Aston Martin Vantage. In a thrilling finale, Fabrizio Crestani almost catch the Aston with the orange1 Team Lazarus Lamborghini Huracán shared with Thomas Biagi. The Italian duo, though, made further progress in the lead of the standings. Also after a superb final charge, Côme Ledogar brought the Garage 59 McLaren 650S to the podium, the second in a row for Alexander West.

Manuel Da Costa-Miguel Sardinha continued ther triumphant march in GT-Am, adding one more win to the toll of the Sports&You Mercedes, which bea the Antonelli Lambo Super Trofeo of Omar Galbiati and his son Kikko and the surprising SCG003S of Mino Caccia-Lorenzo Bontempelli.

THE RACE - It is a very close start, with the poleman Hankey keeping the advantage with some difficulty the first chicane ahead of the two BMWs of Yacamán and Schothorst, followed by Postiglione, Biagi, Babini and Balfe. The fierce duel between the two BMWs gives air to Hankey and in lap 2, Yacamán passes his team mate Schothorst on the outside at the Parabolica. The Dutchman will retake the second position while also Postiglione will pass Yacamán, and in lapo 7, Fu goes out at La Roggia.

At the start of lap 9, Postiglione manages to pass Schothorst on the outside at the first chicane, with a great move on the limit. He now is second but 7 seconds behind Hankey. With the two BMWs of Schothorst and Yacamán in 3rd and 4th (and still fighting) Biagi is 5th ahead of Babini, Balfe, West and Da Costa (who leads in GT-Am), Moiseev and Plachutta. The SGC of Caccia is in P13 despite missing the qualifying session because an oil pump issue. Barreiros pits and retires.

In lap 17, Biagi, Cioci, West, Balfe and Plachutta are the first ones to stop for the driver change. In the meantime, there is a strong attack by Yacamán on Schothorst at the first chicane, with the Colombian passing but touching his team mate, who is forced to put two wheels in the gravel. After all stops, Yoluc leads with 20 seconds over Crestani and Ramos, then Busnelli, Keen, Monje, Ledogar and Pellegrinelli. In lap 15, Ledogar, the fastest man on track, passes both Monje and Busnelli in one move, to take 5th, while Crestani has reduced by 6 seconds the gap on the leader, Yoluc.

The final laps are thrilling with two battles at the same time. The one for third sees Ramos trying to resist to Keen and Ledogar. In lap 34, 34 Keen touches Ramos at first chicane with Ledogar passing the Brit and soon after taking third from Ramos, who will also concede one position to Monje. In the lead, Yoluc holds his position but Crestani is charging furiously and eventually catches the Turk in the last lap. A final try is perfectly fought back by the Aston who takes the flag as a winner.


Overall: 1. Crestani-Biagi, 135 points; 2. Balfe, 108; 3. Monje-Yacamán, 101; 4. Ramos, 98; 5. Hankey-Yoluc, 94; 6. Keen, 84; etc

Pro-Am: 1. Crestani-Biagi, 56 points; 2. Balfe, 42; 3. Monje-Yacamán, 41; 4. Ramos, 36; 5. Yoluc-Hankey, 34; 5.

Keen, 32; etc

GT-Am: 1. Sardinha Silva-Da Costa Coimbra, 45 points; 2. Barreiros, 36; 3. Lémeret, 23; 4. Sdanewitsch, 16; 5.

Braams, 15; etc

Teams: 1. BMW Teo Martín, 77; 2. Orange1 Team Lazarus, 56; 3. Garage59, 55; 4. Balfe Motorsport, 42; 5. TF

Sport, 34; 6. AF Corse, 24; etc