SPEEDWAY News and Fixtures

The organisers of the 2018 Ben Fund Bonanza due to be at Peterborough this Sunday have been forced to postpone the event due to adverse weather.
It is the first postponement in the ten years that the event has been run, but a restaging date will be found.
Paul Ackroyd said “We have had to call it off because the track is unfit, and can’t be made raceable in time due to the poor weather and the forecast of it worsening over the weekend, when we are told it will be cold and unpleasant.
“We are extremely disappointed of course but we have made the decision at an early stage to prevent inconvenience and to allow people to cancel any travel arrangements they have made. I feel for Ged and his staff and the Showground people who have worked hard to prepare for the meeting.
“It will be restaged at some point and we will make that announcement at the earliest time possible.”


SWINDON boss Alun Rossiter admits he is intrigued to see how the Premiership plays out when the new season gets underway.
Rossiter’s Robins defied pre-season predictions to claim title glory in 2017 but will now enter the latest campaign with a target on their back.
He said: “It’s always difficult, because you don’t know how everything is going to be when the season starts. We were put down for stone last this time last year and we all saw how things turned out in the end.
“I feel like we’re in a strong position again this year. We had some big decisions we had to make, especially with Jason Doyle and it’s a shame we’ve not got the World Champion in our side this year.
“But we did what we felt we needed to do and what gives us the best chance to defend our league title, so we’ll see what happens when the racing gets underway.”



CHARITY SHIELD 1st leg: Belle Vue v Swindon 7.30