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Speedway Weekly Bulletin


Eastbourne’s Mark Baseby seen here leading Isle of Wight’s Scott Campos in the Eagles 53-37 National Trophy win at Smallbrook. 

soundbytes and fixtures from around the tracks up and down the country.


“Hats off to Robert Lambert. He rode exceptionally well and to go unbeaten was absolutely brilliant. He’s fully-deserving of the trophy and will, I’m sure, do Britain proud in the Grand Prix.”
Outgoing British Champion Craig Cook pays tribute to new top man Robert Lambert after Monday’s Final at the National Speedway Stadium.
NEXT HOME: Poole, Mon June 25 (7.30)
NEXT AWAY: Wolverhampton (KOC), Mon June 18 (7.30)

“I never expected to go through the card. On nights like this, you just don’t imagine it’ll happen so to say I’m delighted is an understatement. I couldn’t be more pleased with my performance.”
A perfect night for Stars skipper Robert Lambert to be crowned British Champion at Belle Vue on Monday by winning the Final after a 15-point maximum in the qualifiers.
NEXT HOME: Rye House, Mon June 18 (7.30)
NEXT AWAY: Poole, Wed June 13 (7.30)

“The arm seems to be taking a long time to heal but we’re working hard behind the scenes to speed up the recovery time as much as we possibly can.”
Lions skipper Danny King took another knock in the British Final at Belle Vue on Monday but still raced to eight points, which wasn’t enough to progress into the closing stages.
NEXT HOME: Swindon, Wed June 13 (7.30)
NEXT AWAY: Wolverhampton, Mon June 25 (7.30)

“The whole situation with Chris has been very frustrating for everyone, nobody more so than Chris himself who was desperate to line up for the Pirates again this season. There’s no doubt the situation has affected our start to the season, but now it is out in the open and we know where we are, I hope everyone will get behind the team.”
Pirates promoter Matt Ford admits they are now set to be without Aussie star Chris Holder for the entire campaign due to ongoing personal issues.
NEXT HOME: King’s Lynn, Wed June 13 (7.30)
NEXT AWAY: Somerset, Wed June 20 (7.30)

“It just seems everything is going wrong for us at the moment, but we’ll just have to pick ourselves up and get on with it. His average has gone down so we will have to look at our alternatives and replace him in the meantime.”
Rockets co-promoter Steve Jenson laments the club’s latest injury setback with Edward Kennett ruled out due to a broken arm sustained when racing Longtrack.
NEXT HOME: Belle Vue, Wed June 20 (7.30)
NEXT AWAY: Swindon, Thur June 14 (7.30)

“We need to get more out of Richard as I don't think he has been going as well as he can and this is something we spoke about. Jack questioned whether he was ready for such a move but the way he has been going this year has been exceptional.”
Rebels boss Garry May explains his decision to juggle with his riding order as Jack Holder and Richard Lawson swap places this week.
NEXT HOME: Wolverhampton, Wed June 13 (7.30)
NEXT AWAY: Poole (KOC), Wed June 27 (7.30)

“We started on a high and carried through the form from last year so as long as we keep winning the home meetings and get the odd result on the road we know we will be in the play-offs.”
Robins star Adam Ellis is pleased to have points on the board as he stresses the importance of keeping a clean sheet in their home matches over the coming months.
NEXT HOME: Rye House, Thur June 14 (7.30)
NEXT AWAY: Leicester, Wed June 13 (7.30)

“I had last pick in the semi and I ended up with gate four which was always going to be a task. It was a shame to do all the hard work, get to that semi and then get knocked out. But all-in-all it was a great night.”
More positive progression for Wolves star Kyle Howarth with a top-six finish in Monday’s British Final at Belle Vue.
NEXT HOME: Belle Vue (KOC), Mon June 18 (7.30)
NEXT AWAY: Somerset, Wed June 13 (7.30)


“Top of the league? I like the sound of that! We're about halfway through the season and we need to keep this momentum going to stay up there and prove the critics who predicted we'd be at the other end of the table wrong.”
Bandits manager Scott Courtney is pleased to be looking down on their Championship rivals with a spotless home record taking them to the top of the table.
NEXT HOME: Edinburgh (CS), Sat June 16 (7pm)
NEXT AWAY: Sheffield, Thur June 14 (7.30)

“That was very poor on our part and our lower order riders are not improving as we were hoping they would. Indeed not many of our riders got pass marks tonight. But Workington deserve credit as they have been good throughout the qualifying stages.”
A no-holds-barred assessment of the Monarchs’ home defeat to Workington from team boss Alex Harkess.
NEXT HOME: Newcastle, Fri June 15 (7.30)
NEXT AWAY: Berwick (CS), Sat June 16 (7pm)

“Over the last few weeks we've contributed a little bit to our own downfall with silly wee mistakes or engine failures, and no teams are doing it against us. It's perhaps a sign that we need to be a little bit more on the ball off the track - because on the track we're as good as anybody, but we're throwing away points.”
Stand-in Tigers boss Michael Max expresses his frustration after a six-point lead at Peterborough turned into an eight-point defeat last Sunday.
NEXT HOME: Workington, Fri June 15 (7.30)
NEXT AWAY: Sheffield, Thur June 21 (7.30)

“Connor was a bit unlucky tonight as he rode really well and showed a lot of improvement. Two wins for Danyon and he was more like his old self and you could see the importance of two wins from reserve, it made a big difference.”
Witches boss Ritchie Hawkins praised reserves Connor Mountain and Danyon Hume after the 50-40 win over Sheffield last Thursday.
NEXT HOME: Edinburgh, Thur June 21 (7.30)
NEXT AWAY: Peterborough (CS), Sun June 17 (5pm)

“We’re riding well as a team wherever we go and as long as we can keep this same group of riders together and stay injury-free, then I think we have to be setting our sights pretty high this year.”
Hammers skipper Richard Lawson has seen enough in the opening weeks of the season to expect a serious title challenge for the club in their debut Championship campaign.
NEXT HOME: Berwick, Fri June 15 (8pm)
NEXT AWAY: Scunthorpe, Fri June 22 (7.30)

“When he left us last time he had an average of nearly 7.50 per match, and whilst that figure has fallen recently, we firmly believe in surrounding he is happy to be part of again with our good team spirit in the pits with riders he knows well, this will boost him personally to reach out to achieve a much higher average.”
Diamonds boss George English feels the return of Matej Kus offers the chance for him to significantly increase his scoring compared to his previous spell with Redcar.
NEXT HOME: Edinburgh, Sun June 17 (6.30)
NEXT AWAY: Edinburgh, Fri June 15 (7.30)

“We always knew it would be tough here, and in all honesty I thought they would take a point just as we took a point up at their place. But with them going away with nothing, it’s a point gained for us on Glasgow, and it’s fantastic for us to get four points against a team which is highly fancied for the title.”
Panthers boss Carl Johnson was more than satisfied with their weekend efforts against Glasgow, taking a point from a narrow 43-47 away defeat before winning the home return 49-41.
NEXT HOME: Ipswich (CS), Sun June 17 (5pm)
NEXT AWAY: Scunthorpe, Fri June 15 (7.30)

“I think we look much stronger now, especially at home and our aim is to start climbing the league table. I must thank those of you that have shown support, through continued attendance or kind comments and I can assure you that went a long way.”
Bears boss Jitendra Duffill appreciates the continued support for the Bears after a tough start to the season, with a much-changed team now lining up at the Media Prima Arena.
NEXT HOME: Peterborough, Thur June 21 (7.30)
NEXT AWAY: Ipswich, Thur July 19 (7.30)

“My arm is now a lot better. By my last ride, it was feeling a bit sore, but I wasn’t going to let it beat me. I’m a man of my word, and when I signed my contract with Scunthorpe, I committed to ride in as many meetings as I could. I probably shouldn’t have done Glasgow last week, but I am dedicated to this club.”
Scorpions star Jason Garrity is prepared to go through the pain barrier in a bid to keep the injury-hit Lincolnshire club in the race for silverware this season.
NEXT HOME: Peterborough, Fri June 15 (7.30)
NEXT AWAY: Lakeside, Sat June 23 (7.45)

“Of course I’m disappointed not to come away with anything again but in all honesty we probably didn’t deserve anything from that performance overall. I can’t knock too many of the boys but there were a couple of areas where we lacked the points we needed.”
No points for Simon Stead’s Tigers at Ipswich last Thursday as their Championship title defence still struggles to click into top gear. 
NEXT HOME: Berwick, Thur June 14 (7.30)
NEXT AWAY: Newcastle, Sun June 24 (6.30)

“Everyone pulled together and the team spirit was fantastic throughout in what was an excellent match, with no controversy or bad luck for either side, and we just kept plugging away to level the scores before finally edging ahead in heat 14. I am so proud of the team for getting this result against the odds.”
Delight for the Comets and boss Tony Jackson with a narrow win at Edinburgh booking their place in the semi-finals of the Championship Shield.
NEXT HOME: Glasgow, Sat June 23 (7pm)
NEXT AWAY: Glasgow, Fri June 15 (7.30)

The Colts will reach the halfway stage in their defence of the National League title with home and away clashes against play-off rivals Birmingham next week.
NEXT HOME: Birmingham, Fri June 22 (7.30)
NEXT AWAY: Birmingham, Wed June 20 (7.30)

“Eastbourne are a big name at this level, they always build a strong side and that’s no different this season. But to go out there and win like we did shows what we’re capable of - and that’s with some of the boys not having the best of nights.”
A perfect night for Brummies skipper Tom Bacon, who racked up an 18-point maximum from six rides in the 54-36 win over the Eagles at Perry Barr last week.
NEXT HOME: Buxton (NT), Wed June 13 (7.30)
NEXT AWAY: Mildenhall (KOC), Sun June 18 (3pm)

The Hitmen are currently in a break from home action before facing Birmingham on July 8 – but face trips to Perry Barr and also Leicester (to face Coventry) in the National Trophy before that date.
NEXT HOME: Birmingham (NT), Sun July 8 (3pm)
NEXT AWAY: Birmingham, Wed June 13 (7.30)

“It was really tough right from when I looked at their line-up in midweek, and from then it looked like a David v Goliath encounter – and unfortunately we didn’t have any big rocks to chuck at them!”
Bees boss Martyn Macdonald delves into history to explain the Bees’ home defeat to Cradley which effectively rules them out of National Trophy progression.
NEXT HOME: Buxton (NT), Sun June 17 (3pm)
NEXT AWAY: Plymouth, Fri June 15 (7.15)

“It was harder than I expected and that is probably our fault. The track went really, really slick after the kids went out for six races before the meeting. We are learning but it did make it easier for them to ride. Normally we have a lot of dirt.”
Eagles boss Connor Dugard said the 49-41 home win over Plymouth in the National Trophy saw his side run closer than had been predicted before the meeting. 
NEXT HOME: Kent (NT), Sat June 16 (7.30)
NEXT AWAY: Kent, Mon July 30 (6.30)

“Alfie has ridden with Ben Morley at Lakeside for the past two seasons. At 21, he is an improving young talent who has always fitted in well and scored solidly on past visits here. We welcome him to our club and will support his development in any way we can.”
Warriors chief Barry Bishop explains the club’s rapid move to sign Alfie Bowtell after Ben Hopwood chose to leave citing a change of work commitments.
NEXT HOME: Plymouth, Tues June 12 (7pm)
NEXT AWAY: Stoke, Sat June 16 (7pm)

The Kings were taken to the wire in their home clash with Eastbourne on Monday before prevailing 46-44. The return fixture takes place at Arlington this Saturday.
NEXT HOME: Coventry, Mon June 25 (6.30)
NEXT AWAY: Eastbourne (NT), Sat June 16 (7.30)

“The whole team is pulling their weight and everyone making valuable contributions in every meeting. Ryan was sensational tonight once again and is riding on a crest of a wave, his confidence is high and he is looking so stylish and quick.”
Fen Tigers boss Phil Kirk had further praise for revitalised Ryan Kinsley, who piled up paid-17 from six rides in the win at Stoke last Saturday.
NEXT HOME: Birmingham (KOC), Sun June 17 (3pm)
NEXT AWAY: Eastbourne (NT), Sat June 23 (7.30)

“A thoroughly entertaining meeting in beautiful weather and great team effort from the Devils.”
Co-promoter Stuart Kellie reflected on a good night for his team with a 54-36 win over the Isle of Wight at the St Boniface Arena last Friday.
NEXT HOME: Coventry, Fri June 15 (7.15)
NEXT AWAY: Eastbourne (NT), Sat June 9 (7.30)

“On the plus side for us it was good to see Rob (Shuttleworth) getting amongst the points and hopefully that will give the lad some confidence, but overall it was a very disappointing night for us and we have to move on and prepare for our next meeting and not let our heads get down.”
A dispiriting night for the Potters with a 36-53 home defeat to Mildenhall, but boss Adam Isherwood is determined to see them turn things around.
NEXT HOME: Isle of Wight, Sat June 16 (7pm)
NEXT AWAY: Kent, Mon July 2 (6.30)


ROBERT Lambert was crowned British Champion on a memorable night of racing at Belle Vue.
The King’s Lynn youngster, who had starred for Great Britain in the recent Speedway of Nations tournament, went through the card in his qualifying heats at the National Speedway Stadium and then held off home hero Dan Bewley in the Final.
The result mirrored his achievement in the British Under-21 Final earlier in the season, and also earned him the Wild Card place for next month’s British Grand Prix at Cardiff.
Lambert and Craig Cook were the automatic Final qualifiers, Cook winning a three-way scrap with Scott Nicholls and Rory Schlein to move on to 11 points in Heat 19, sending Nicholls into the semi along with Bewley, Jason Garrity and Kyle Howarth.
Nicholls led that race early on but was swamped by Bewley and Garrity, who put the seven-time champion out of the meeting.
Lambert took gate 2 for the Final and battled with Bewley in the early stages before establishing his lead using the fast outside line. Bewley was a crowd-pleasing second whilst outgoing champion Cook made it two home riders on the podium with third place after a hard-working night.
Lambert said: “It’s an incredible feeling. It’s beyond special to come into such a big meeting as this where you’ve got all the best guys in Britain gunning for top spot.
“I never expected to go through the card. On nights like this, you just don’t imagine it’ll happen so to say I’m delighted is an understatement. I couldn’t be more pleased with my performance.
“I just tried to stay composed and focused going into the Final. I knew I had stiff competition going for me from all sides and Dan Bewley in particular absolutely knows his way around Belle Vue.
“But I’m thrilled to have won, and to know I’ll be going to Cardiff as the GP wildcard is amazing. It’s something you dream of as a kid so it’s an opportunity I’ll be taking with both hands.”
Bewley added: “I am a bit disappointed, but after such a slow start I can’t really complain with second because I was able to finish much more strongly than I began.
“I wasn’t even sure I’d made the semi-final with the way I rode so that was a huge boost, and to get through to the Final was just amazing. All in all, I’m more than happy to take silver this time.”
*THE next Speedway Great Britain Major Event is the Championship Fours, which has a new staging venue this year as Redcar host the meeting on Sunday July 1.


TRAVEL PLUS NATIONAL LEAGUE: Isle of Wight v Plymouth 7pm
PREMIERSHIP: Leicester v Swindon 7.30, Poole v King’s Lynn 7.30, Somerset v Wolverhampton 7.30
NATIONAL TROPHY: Birmingham v Buxton 7.30
PREMIERSHIP: Swindon v Rye House 7.30
CHAMPIONSHIP: Sheffield v Berwick 7.30
CHAMPIONSHIP: Edinburgh v Newcastle 7.30, Glasgow v Workington 7.30, Lakeside v Berwick 8pm, Scunthorpe v Peterborough 7.30
TRAVEL PLUS NATIONAL LEAGUE: Plymouth v Coventry 7.15
CHAMPIONSHIP SHIELD: Berwick v Edinburgh 7pm
TRAVEL PLUS NATIONAL LEAGUE: Stoke v Isle of Wight 7pm
NATIONAL TROPHY: Eastbourne v Kent 7.30
CHAMPIONSHIP: Newcastle v Edinburgh 6.30
CHAMPIONSHIP SHIELD: Peterborough v Ipswich 5pm
NATIONAL LEAGUE KO CUP Q/F 2nd leg: Mildenhall v Birmingham 3pm
NATIONAL TROPHY: Coventry v Buxton 3pm
PREMIERSHIP: King’s Lynn v Rye House 7.30
PREMIERSHIP KO CUP Q/F 2nd leg: Wolverhampton v Belle Vue 7.30
PREMIERSHIP: Rye House v Belle Vue 7.30, Somerset v Poole 7.30
TRAVEL PLUS NATIONAL LEAGUE: Birmingham v Belle Vue 7.30

PREMIERSHIP: Swindon v King’s Lynn 7.30
CHAMPIONSHIP: Ipswich v Edinburgh 7.30, Redcar v Peterborough 7.30, Sheffield v Glasgow 7.30

CHAMPIONSHIP: Scunthorpe v Lakeside 7.30
TRAVEL PLUS NATIONAL LEAGUE: Belle Vue v Birmingham 7.30
CHAMPIONSHIP: Lakeside v Scunthorpe 7.45, Workington v Glasgow 7pm
NATIONAL LEAGUE KO CUP Q/F 2nd leg: Stoke v Kent 7pm
NATIONAL TROPHY: Eastbourne v Mildenhall 7.30
CHAMPIONSHIP: Newcastle v Sheffield 6.30
PREMIERSHIP: Belle Vue v Poole 7.30, Somerset v King’s Lynn 7.30, Wolverhampton v Leicester 7.30
PREMIERSHIP: Leicester v Wolverhampton 7.30, Rye House v Swindon 7.30
PREMIERSHIP KO CUP Q/F 2nd leg: Poole v Somerset 7.30

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