Watch Le Mans Classic live video

Watch Le Mans Classic live video

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09:30    –    10:50    Grid 2, race 3
10:50    –    12:10    Grid 3, race 3
12:10    –    14:00    Grid 4, race 3
14:00    –    15:20    Grid 5, race 3
15:20    –    16:10    Grid 6, race 3

Rebuilt 917 Damaged at Le Mans Classic

The 1969 Porsche 'rebuilt' for the Le Mans Classic, supposedly based upon the 917 fatally crashed by British privateer John Woolfe on the opening lap of the 1969 Le Mans 24-Hours race, suffered a similar fate in night qualifying in the ealy hours of Saturday. Belgian historic racer Nicolas d'Ieteren reportedly lost control of the car on his out lap in the session, and the incident saw the car sustain damaged to all four corners (stories are circulating of the car being seriously damaged but are unsubstantiated)

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