Rare Opportunity to Bid on Five Ford GT Supercars at Mecum Monterey

Rare Opportunity to Bid on Five Ford GT Supercars at Mecum Monterey


Trans 6-Speed 
Color White 
Interior Ebony 
VIN/Serial 1FAFP90S76Y401511
ESTIMATE $300,000 - $335,000

Supercharged 5.4/550 HP V-8 engine
500 ft/lbs of torque
6-speed manual transmission
2,308 original miles
BBS forged lightweight wheels
Centennial White with Blue stripes
Ebony leather
McIntosh stereos
Upgraded Bridgestone Potenza tires
Silver seat inserts added
Books and keys

This 2006 Ford GT pays homage to one of the greatest sports-racing prototypes in the history of motorsports: the legendary GT40. The inevitable byproduct of Ford’s failed attempt to purchase Ferrari in the early 1960s, the GT40 put an end to 20 years of international racing dominance by Ferrari, sweeping the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans, cementing the World Championship and beginning a dry spell for Ferrari in the French classic that continues more than five decades later. 

Ford returned to those roots for its 2005 centennial, drawing inspiration from the GT40 for an all-new grand-touring car for the 21st century. It was not Ford’s first attempt at conjuring anew the GT40’s magic, commissioning GT40 designer Roy Lunn to reprise the original even before the engine had cooled on the 1966 Le Mans winner. No fewer than eight more concepts appeared over the years, but with the company’s centennial on the horizon, Ford management finally approved a design by Camilo Pardo, the head of Ford's "Living Legends" studio, that perfectly captured the GT40’s style and presence. The key to Pardo’s, and Ford’s, success was simple; they acknowledged that the GT40 was a timeless design, and that the new car needed to be perceived not as a replacement, but a reissue. 

The final design was a remarkable success in those terms, as the 2005-2006 GT’s increasing popularity has demonstrated. Wrapped in Centennial White with blue stripes over its Super Plastic Formed aluminum bodywork and based on an aluminum space frame with double-wishbone independent suspension, this 2006 GT is powered by Ford’s excellent supercharged 5.4L/550 HP aluminum DOHC V-8 with a Ricardo 6-speed gearbox. Offered at just 2,308 miles, it features upgraded Bridgestone Potenza tires on lightweight BBS forged-alloy wheels, Brembo Anti-Lock vented disc brakes, HID headlights and a pristine ebony leather interior with added silver seat inserts, air conditioning and an optional McIntosh audio system.

Also on offer:

2017 FORD GT
Engine 3.5/647 HP 
Color Silver 
Interior Black 
VIN/Serial 2FAGP9CW2HH200048
ESTIMATE $1,700,000 - $1,900,000

Engine 5.4/550 HP 
Trans 6-Speed 
Color Blue/Orange 
Interior Ebony 
VIN/Serial 1FAFP90S36Y400551
ESTIMATE $500,000 - $550,000

2005 FORD GTX1
Engine 5.4L 
Trans 6-Speed 
Color Black/Gold 
Interior Black 
VIN/Serial 1FAFP90S05Y400621
ESTIMATE $350,000 - $425,000

2005 FORD GT
Engine 5.4/550 HP 
Trans 6-Speed 
Color Silver 
Interior Black 
VIN/Serial 1FAFP90S45Y400606
ESTIMATE $325,000 - $375,000

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