Pendennis Superyachts Shipyard And The Rise In Refit

Pendennis Superyachts Shipyard And The Rise In Refit


The UK has seen the sixth consecutive year growth in revenue for the superyacht industry. The fall in the pound has helped, though a third of superyacht owners are actually based in the UK, the exchange rate means there is much more bang for your buck. Whilst there has been a rise in new build this year, the biggest growth has been in refit. The trend for restoring luxury items that people become emotionally connected to seems to have migrated into the superyacht industry. Owners are now looking at rebuilding, refitting or restoring their superyachts rather than trading up and this has the advantage of retaining the memories formed travelling across the seas, in these luxury floating palaces.

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Written by Viscount Yves de Contades

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