Great British Swim: Edgley battles through Storm Ali to reach English waters again

Great British Swim: Edgley battles through Storm Ali to reach English waters again

Strongman ends Scottish leg of Great British Swim by playing with seals.

Ross Edgley has reached another milestone in his epic Great British Swim as the British strongman swum back into English waters to close on the finish back in Margate. Here is all you need to know:

- Edgley has already passed several milestones on his sea journey including the Longest Assisted Contiguous Stage Sea Swim in history by powering past 73 days and becoming the first ever Briton to swim the 900-mile journey from Land's End to John O'Groats when he completed the iconic feat in a record 62 days.

- After passing the 100-day mark on September 8, Edgley got to see a different coastline full of huge ships, oil tankers and a large seal colony which saw the seals popping their heads out trying to figure Edgley out.

- Edgley revealed: "One rogue seal starts playing with my pink buoy. I was losing an epic game of hide and seek with a seal!"

- Unfortunately for Edgley and his crew of captain Matt, Harriet and Taz, Storm Ali ensured they had to hole up in Dunbar Harbour - the only upside being the time it gave Matt to get a bent prop shaft repaired.

- Edgley added: "Fishing boats and ships have come into Dunbar Harbour to seek safety. I have to be rational and don't do anything stupid. If Mother Nature does not want you to swim, you are not swimming that day."

- Thankfully for Edgley, the weather calmed down for him to reach another morale-boosting milestone as he crossed the border back into England on Day 115.

- The Grantham native declared: "I said at the start that when we see Berwick-upon-Tweed, it is the start of a long home stretch. I am going to miss Scotland, though. The people, scenery and food were amazing."

- On Day 123, Edgley received a big boost when Team Row4Victory - who will compete in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2018 - escorted him into a Sunderland harbour so they could exchange stories.

- An emotional Edgley explained: "I gave a little speech and blessed the boat. Just exchanging stories about the sea was amazing. I am so grateful to my own crew, who have become my adopted family."

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