Great British Swim: Your body is an instrument not an ornament

Great British Swim: Your body is an instrument not an ornament

442 bananas and 1,600,000 strokes so far for Edgley - British strongman Ross Edgley reveals food fuel behind his epic Great British Swim.
British strongman Ross Edgley has revealed the quirky mix of food that he needs to consume every day so he can stay on course to complete his Great British Swim. Here is all you need to know:

- Edgley is working his way down the east coast of England towards the Margate finish in Kent after battling through Storm Ali in the last leg of his epic journey.

- He has swum for 137 days now around the south coast of England, up past Wales, the west coast of Scotland then back down the other side with world and British records tumbling along the way.

- His extraordinary calorie consumption of 15,000 each day has already caught the attention of people globally, but he has had to adjust what he eats depending on the daily challenge that waits in front of him.

- The Grantham native, who celebrated his 33rd birthday in the water on October 13, revealed: "The Great British Swim is a giant eating competition with a little bit of swimming thrown in! You have to hit your calorie requirements every day. Your body needs to become an instrument not an ornament. Your body should reflect what you are training for."

- His huge banana intake has been well documented, however he has switched between noodles and porridge with biscuits depending on what he and his team felt his body needed at the time for his main swimming fuel.

- Added to that, he has an assortment of quick snacks that help to top up his energy for the draining six-hour shifts in the sea with Nut Butters, Superfood Bites and Super Greens Shakes prominent.

- He explained: "You have to train your digestive system to eat anything. There is method to the madness of having cold pizza with a Super Greens Shake in the morning. There is no blueprint for this."

- How does he fight off illness on his gruelling journey? He said: "Micronutrients and enzymes. Everything that is going to support your immune system and make sure I don't have a day off ill is so important."

- There are benefits too of his current leg with the area famous for one thing. He declared: "The east coast of England is stunning. The fish and chips are strong!"

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