Nippiest of urban runabouts: GSXR 1000 powered Smart car

Nippiest of urban runabouts: GSXR 1000 powered Smart car

Car was bought in september last year with the intention of doing a local fun charity hill climb. The car arrived the day before the hillclimb and had a sticking throttle and some other bits and bobs which needed doing which meant the car was promptly put on a trailer and dropped off at BS Motorsport to have these things attended to - which never happened as other projects got in the way.

A year later swamped with projects which are nowhere near completion - it's time to move this on - only been driven a few times outside the workshop.

Good bits:
Full smartuki conversion - it has some smartuki documentation with it somewhere which suggests the conversion was almost a £10k project.
This is a genuine proper smartuki kit - with proper subframe
Believe it is a Quaife reverse diff drive box (reverse gear) costing £1800
Has a magnesium cam covered Suzuki GSXR1000 engine - 160 BHP with 6 speed sequential box runs well!
Wilwood calipers

Bad Bits:
Battery was flat - will jump start
Throttle cable prone to sticking - needs re-routing
Clutch pedal arrangement is poorly engineered - needs looking at

It is driveable - but will need to towed away. It is registered as a standard Smart car - which it is clearly not - was going to be addressed this when the above had been sorted out. It did have an MOT last year - which I assume has expired.

Has V5 and I think 2 keys. 

Gave £4700 for this - have driven it for 10 minutes in the rain outside the workshop and as the video testifies - it goes well!

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