Pup my ride: The 10 best cars for dog owners, video

Pup my ride: The 10 best cars for dog owners, video

We all know who the most important members of every family really are, and it isn't you or me. So your canine companion should be at the forefront of your mind when selecting a new car, but which are the best out there?

1.Land Rover Discovery From £43,495

This is the one for stylish mutts, as we discovered earlier this year. Land Rover has partnered with Barbour for a while now on dog accessories, from tartan rugs and collars to a funky bandana. Last month they launched their new dog pack, which consists of an extending ramp up to the boot for less energetic dogs (the air suspension drops the car lower for ingress), a smart cage that sits in the boot and even a portable shower to get excess mud off.

2. Volvo V90 From £34,955

Being the inventors of the three-point seat belt, it’s no surprise that Volvo offers dog harnesses that clip onto the rear seat belts, in four different sizes. Plus a smart cage in the boot with a hydraulic pump to open the door. Now all you need is a large shaggy Scandinavian breed. 

3. Dacia Duster

The is the one for owners whose dogs shed hair like there’s no tomorrow and can’t stay away from muddy water. You can’t beat the price, and the utilitarian nature of this SUV means you won’t be precious about a few scuffs on the interior. It’s also not a bad drive, at all, so the Duster is not a completely hair-shirt purchase. But you will want one of the more expensive versions for a decent infotainment system and reversing cameras if your dog’s large.

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