Maserati Multi 70 surfs on the waves with the trade winds

Maserati Multi 70 surfs on the waves with the trade winds

Wednesday update:

Maserati Multi 70 keeps on sailing in first position towards the finish line, the wind coming from between 65 and 80 degrees - with 1848 nm behind him, between Giovanni Soldini and Grenada are a remaining 1451 miles, with two miles of advantage over PowerPlay, sailing towards South.

“Everything is going well, the boat is in great shape and we’re going pretty fast. Maserati Multi 70 is surfing on the waves like a laughing hyena and we keep on gybing on the headers, when the Trade Winds speed wavers. Last night went quite well for us, we’ll see in the future. Grenada is getting closer!”

The two MOD 70s have been swapping the lead in the Line Honours Multihull leaderboard right from the start of the regatta, on Saturday November 24th: a real match race in the Ocean.

With a steady East-Northeast wind between 18 and 22 knots of speed, the Italian Team has to study the right moment to tack. Skipper Giovanni Soldini explains: “During the night we gybed very effectively twice: we gained many miles towards South with a good angle, now we’re sailing West following the rotation of the Trade Winds. PowerPlay made a different technical choice and last night they gybed towards South 4 hours after us.”

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