AFRICA ECO RACE: 15 days of extreme adventure

AFRICA ECO RACE: 15 days of extreme adventure


On Sunday 30th of December the 11th Edition of the AFRICA ECO RACE will depart from the Principality of Monaco, heading towards Dakar, for 15 days of extreme adventure and challenges on the steps of Thierry Sabine in the largest African rally departing from Europe 

Everyday from 1st to 13th of January 2019, a short program of 3 minutes will be broadcasted on:


Every day from 1st of January, at 10.00PM, follow Facebook Live taking place at each Bivouac of the AFRICA ECO RACE adventure. In the program: summary of the day, exclusive interviews, discover the daily life of competitors and the backstage footage.

Follow the offcicial start of the race in Monaco on the 30th of December from 8.45AM, the "rest day" in Dakhla on 6th of January and the podium arrival at the Lac Rose from 12.00AM onwards on the 13th of January.

The official AFRICA ECO RACE, available in French and English, will gather live information of the rally:

- Check-point passage timing 
- Live tracking 
- Live ranking (of the day and general) 
- Photo gallery 
- Daily press release 
- Videos

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