Make 2019 the year you get your wings: Learn to fly at Goodwood

Make 2019 the year you get your wings: Learn to fly at Goodwood

Resolutions should be about taking something up - not giving something up!

Whether you're interested in getting a flying qualification, or you want to take a trial lesson, there's no better place than Goodwood Flying School to start your journey. 

Cessna Trial Lesson
Enjoy the thrills of a 45 or 60 minute trial lesson in the ultra modern Cessna. You'll take to the skies with one of the highly experienced instructors who will guide you through the basics of flying, whilst soaring over the stunning Sussex countryside. Even on your first lesson you will take the controls of the aircraft. Your lesson will count towards your qualification if you decide to continue flying. Lessons cost £190 for 45 minute and £245 for 60 minute lessons. 

There are a variety of courses you can take, which vary from a full Private Pilot Licence to your first Go Solo. We also cater for pilots who have completed their PPL and want to challenge themselves further. If you'd like to talk through what's best suited for you, please ring Goodwood Flying School on 01243 755066 and book a meeting with one of thr Flying Instructors.  

Other Flying Experiences Available

Historical Flights
Take the flight of a lifetime with one of the historical flights

Goodwood Aviation Experience
A day-long unique experience for two.

Adrenaline Experiences
Are you a thrill seeker? Take flying to the next level with an Adrenaline flight.

Helicopter Flights
Explore Goodwood and the surrounding areas by Helicopter

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