VENTURE Price reduction: realistic offers considered

VENTURE Price reduction: realistic offers considered

VENTURE,Sandeman Yacht Company Now asking GBP 125,000

Albert Strange 29ft/9m Gaff Yawl 1920

For lovers of elegant small yachts combining artistry with practicality perhaps no other designer embraced this genre like Albert Strange. His boats were simple in concept yet sophisticated in their detail; practical and moreover capable of handling the worst of weathers. Albert Strange was designing yachts in the period in which the Yachting World was focussed on big yachts with many crew. His enthusiasm however was for vessels accessible to those of more modest means – and that could be sailed single handed. 

From 2004 to 2007 VENTURE was totally rebuilt by boat builder and Albert Strange aficionado Jamie Clay; her restoration to the highest standards and seemingly regardless of expense. This is an incredible yacht in near perfect condition; beautiful, brave, businesslike – and without any pretence.

VENTURE has a very particular place in the already special Albert Strange story. She was the last design to be completed before his death in 1917 and one of the most successful - spawning a copy and three longer cousins built up to seventeen years after she was first launched by A Wooden of Oulton Broad, Norfolk in 1920.

For her commissioning owners, Great Yarmouth timber merchants HJ and ND Suffling, she was the result of much thought - including illustrated discussion in the prominent yachting journals of the day - into the perfect single hander, an ability that was honoured during a major restoration by Jamie Clay Boatbuilding for her present owner.

After two seasons of sailing east coast of England waters she was sold by the Sufflings to the west coast of Scotland and has remained based on Celtic seas; Scottish or Irish, ever since. She was notably owned for over thirty years by prominent Clyde Cruising Club member Ian Taggart, who first introduced her eventual restorer to VENTURE's enduring charm and beauty, and ability as a thoroughly seaworthy, sea kindly, easily handled and comfortable fast cruiser.

VENTURE's meticulous restoration completed in 2007, and great care in storage, sees her fit to sail well into her second century.

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