Sailors Are You Ready for Spring

Sailors Are You Ready for Spring

When the spring equinox arrives in the Northern Hemisphere on March 20, it is the symbolic start of good times for the 2019 sailing season. Aside from the Floridians which embrace the winter as the best of times, and the iceboaters that like it cold and hard, those that like their shorts and sunscreen are celebrating the end of the long slow crawl through winter.

But have you spent the days of your non-sailing season wisely? SpinSheet editor Molly Winans offers her March 2019 column to those of you that still need a kick in the rear.

We talk so much about “fitting out” our boats for spring, but why not discuss prepping our bodies? Think about that first windy day: taking that wide step from the finger pier onto the boat, rigging her, raising and trimming sails, grinding winches, tacking, making your way around the boat while heeling, in chop… If you’re not fit and ready for that day, you could lose your balance, strain your lower back, or hurt yourself.

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