Ultra rare Terry Drury Tribute Ford GT40 on offer at Bonhams

Ultra rare Terry Drury Tribute Ford GT40 on offer at Bonhams

* Built by the former GT40 racer
* Described by expert Ronnie Spain as "best GT40 representation...Bar none!"
* Many original parts
* Exceptional build quality
* Accurate 1968 style 'crossover fuel' chassis

They say:

The late Terry Drury - a former Ford Motor Company engineer - was a very familiar figure in British national and International racing, well remembered for his exploits as an energetic Ford GT40 privateer in the late 1960s. Here we are pleased to offer a GT40 assembled by Terry Drury Racing - now run by his sons - which most significantly is based upon what he described to them as being an original Abbey Panels-made monocoque chassis from period, supplied to Terry Drury by Ford after his car - chassis '1073' - had been damaged in an accident during the Monza 1,000Kms race in April, 1968.

This monocoque is certainly an original-style 1968 "fuel cross over" chassis which in period would have embodied two fuel crossovers between the left and right-side sill tanks, one passing through the dash section and the second via a rubber pipe passing under the driver's legs. Such a fuel system is of course considered too risky today, but the cross-over paths survive in this tub, with the upper accesses closed by bungs. The vendor will supply two of the original one-way fuel cross-over flap valves if required.

The car has been examined in detail by acknowledged Ford GT40 authority Ronnie Spain who reports that its chassis is: "...far and away the most accurate non-original GT40 chassis I have ever seen, or been made aware of! 
"I highly recommend the Drury family GT40 as being the GT40 today with the best 'tribute' GT40 chassis that I am aware of ever yet having been built..."

The Drury family have acknowledged that on the back of Ronnie Spain's report it is impossible to be certain as to the monocoque's lineage. But they have always been under the impression that it was a monocoque that had been in Terry's possession for many years.

The car's current fuel system features brand-new FIA-approved Premier tank bladders in each side pontoon and are accompanied by their certificates of conformity. Both side pontoons also feature the original aluminium fuel tank closing panels. Fuel lines are in Aeroquip fed by the original Stewart Warner pumps, complete with a new rebuild kit. The car's fuel filler caps are also the original magnesium type featuring the now-rare vent valves used on these cross-over monocoques.

The car also features the original steering column, steering rack and tie rods (refurbished)while the new Moto-Lita steering wheel has been made to the correct period measurements and detailed finish.

Front and rear magnesium suspension uprights, tubular steel wishbones, hubs, rear top wishbone tie bars, rear anti-roll bars and driveshafts are original stock, the uprights having been inspected and accepted by an RAF approved testing facility complete with documented results. They were found to be in good condition but at 53 years old they are recommended for demonstration purposes, rather than being exposed to extensive street use or competition-level stress.

These uprights have been Chromated matte black for protection from further weathering and preservation. The original Koni double adjustable spring/damper units have also been refreshed by TrueChoice in the USA while the only new addition to the suspension is the front anti-roll bar.

The car's brakes - new callipers, pads, vented disc and bells from BG Developments - are brand new but original specification and period correct. The brake lines have been run as original with copper piping routed through the monocoque in their original positions while some of the flexible piping fit in Aeroquip with safety in mind.

An original set of magnesium BRM front wheels feature, which Terry Drury kept from period while the rear BRM wheels are new to match. a new pair of BRM rear Magnesium wheels to match. The fronts were vapour blasted and Chromated while Dunlop CR82 post- Historic tyres are fitted front and rear - sizes 15" x 9" and 15" x 14" (wheels), Fronts • CR82 430 1160-15 - Rears • CR82 530 1500-15 (tyres).

An accurate reproduction wiring loom is fitted - and the chassis plug for the body connections is original. Dash layout is as Terry Drury preferred with some period Smiths instruments. The steering column flasher stalk is original, as are the Lucas switches and warning lights. Both the heated screen and the original wiper motor mechanism operate. The dash ventilation system on the dash features the original eye-ball air vents and dash centre windscreen vent. Another rare feature is the foot vent on the passenger side centre section, relieving the centre tunnel of hot air from internal piping between nose radiator and rear engine.

The seats have been made by the original trimmer, featuring fibreglass backs, parachute material covering and brass eyelets.

The engine is an original Works 302 cubic inch 4-bolt main bearing Gurney Weslake Ford V8, most notably complete with its original works steel crank, Indy rods and the works peak-top pistons. The bore sizes are still 4-inches. The rocker assembly was more recently acquired with other miscellaneous parts via Dan Gurney's private collection. Original Italian Weber 48 IDA carburettors are fitted.

For ease and reliability in running a later 2-pin alternator has been adopted - together with a later coil - while the originals with original control box and relay are available.

The car is also equipped with a new aluminium radiator and oil cooler (both made to original specification) and a fan ensures the engine keeps cool on both road and track. The oil cooler has period-correct fittings and is housed in an original mount. The gearbox oil cooler is located where Terry Drury preferred, on top of the rear subframe. The engine breather system is also to Drury period specification with two interlinked side tanks. The gearbox is an original ZF-1 as fitted to the later GT40s from 1967.

Terry Drury accumulated many body sections and this car as offered features original period-correct vented nose, rear body and doors with period-correct latches, indeed as used at Monza, Spa and Le Mans.

This 1968 GT40 is an ultra rare build especially consisting of not only this extraordinarily faithfully-constructed monocoque but so many original period correct parts from Terry Drury's personal collection. This is a most accurate-monocoque Ford GT40 - so described by the acknowledged specialist investigator in this field - offering great potential as either a high-performance road car, or indeed as a FIA-regulation Historic racing car.

7 Apr 2019, 13:00 BST

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