Yacht designer - Tony Castro - web site by Racecar

Yacht designer - Tony Castro - web site by Racecar

We have just built a new web site for Tony Castro Yacht Design. 

Tony has been at the forefront of yacht design for about 40 years and with a back catalogue of 500 designs and approximately 10,000 boats on the water - so he's probably getting the hang of it by now!

The studio team has Naval Architecture, Exterior and Interior design resources in-house with a strong customer base split between manufacturers and private clients.

Projects range from producing production designs for yacht manufacturers, to creating bespoke one-off superyachts for private clients.

The work split these days is perhaps more motor yacht based - but it is obvious Tony still has a true passion for sailing yachts.  In addtion to extensive portfolio custom yacht designs, Tony is best known for raceboats at either side of the size spectrum - the SB20 and the Clipper Round the World racer.

As keen sailing boat racers - this was a great fun project to work on - can't wait to get a go an SB20 when the situation arises too!

For those of you who are old enough to remember, Tony's studio was used in the filming of Howards Way - a drama based on the sailing scene in the solent and Tony's ULDB Barracuda aka the Sadler Barracuda 45 - a boat ahead of it's time with twin rudders and and hull which flew downwind in a breeze..

Racecar work on this project:

Logo, website, content management tool, copy, videos and some other bits and pieces.

Click here for the Tony Castro Yacht Design web site - designed and built by Racecar

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