Mouse Motors - Classic and Modern Supercar dealer - web site by Racecar

Mouse Motors - Classic and Modern Supercar dealer - web site by Racecar

So we got an enquiry about a month ago to ask us if we could develop a site for a specialist car dealer in Chicago.

As we start the project we get sent over some pictures of cars like a Mclaren F1 #001 and one of the holy grail Mclaren F1 LM's....We thought they were just glossy random pictures of heavy stuff to pretty the site up and no connection with the  actual sales activity of the business - seems we were wrong!...A Mclaren P1 LM matches the F1 LM - well you would if you could right?!

Anyway they have just started putting a select eclectic mix of inventory up - which includes at the minute some lovely 2 wheeled stuff - the Honda RC30 is one of my favourites. You can probably gather their inventory is at the faultless serious end of the collector car scale and I imagine as they start rolling out some more stock onto their site - a few more jewels will come to the market.

As an aside - the frankly amazing photos of the Mclaren F1 #001 and LM were taken by Jeremy Cliff - who from reviewing his instagram feed has a guards red Porsche 964 and a German Shepherd....clearly a man of great taste - but then I might be biased on this...I might set up a similar shot of the hound with the RS!

Click here for the Mouse Motors web site - designed and built by Racecar

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