23rd Rodos Cup has hoisted its sails

23rd Rodos Cup has hoisted its sails

The 23rd Rodos Cup, hoisted its sails yesterday (Monday 22 July).

The international sailing race is organized by Offshore Yachting Club of Rhodes and the South Aegean Region.

The 84 boats and the 600 sailors, make Rodos Cup the largest sailing race in Greece, in terms of international participation.

The race will last 5 days, starting from Kos, continuing to Kalymnos, Nisyros, Symi and ending at the cosmopolitan island of Rhodes.

After a weekend of preparations at Kos Marina, the opening ceremony took place on Sunday night (21 July).

The boats started the race from Kos, with the first destination point being Kalymnos, 16nm to the northwest. The spectacle offered by the sailors was unique.

The 84 boats sailed very close to the northeast shores of Kos , for the first mile of the route.

They then moved west and after passing south of Pserimos, early noon, with the help of the Aegean winds, they finished outside of the port of Kalymnos.

The sailing race continues today with the second leg starting from Kalymnos, sailing north of Kos and ending 30 miles north at the island of Nisyros.