UK debut of stunning enhanced Battista at Salon Privé

UK debut of stunning enhanced Battista at Salon Privé

Features design detail enhancements following aerodynamic testing
A maximum of 150 Battistas to be built
Powered by 120 kWh battery providing power to four electric motors (one at each wheel) for combined power output of 1,900 hp and 1,696 lb/ft torque

Advanced EV and hybrid technology are certainly at the forefront of this year’s Salon Privé with a selection of international hypercar brands all debuting new cars to the UK market.

One such brand and currently returning from a fabulous series of unveilings during Monterey Car Week, is Automobili Pininfarina, who are now preparing to launch their stunning and enhanced Battista at this year’s Salon Privé which takes place at Blenheim Palace from 5th – 8th September.

Having been launched to an eagerly-awaiting world at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year and delivering on the Pininfarina family dream to see a range of luxury cars purely badged Pininfarina, Automobili Pininfarina then embarked on the next phase of simulation testing in the wind tunnel and on the track under the guidance of ex-Formula 1 and Formula E racer, Nick Heidfeld, their Development Driver. From a design perspective, the result of the development programme was a car with a redefined front which reinforced its hypercar look and feel and created a greater visual connection between front and back.

With 1,900 hp and 1,696 lb-ft torque available from its four electric motors, Automobili Pininfarina is aiming for a 0-62 mph sprint of less than 2 seconds for the Battista along with a single-charge range of 500 kilometers. Essentially, it’s a hypercar on one hand and an eminently driveable and beautiful luxury car on the other. With a maximum of just 150 examples being made, it will be ultra-exclusive. Just 50 Battistas are planned for Europe, 50 targeted at North America and 50 to the Middle East and Asia and the €2m hypercar will only be available to order through a small network of specialist luxury car and hypercar retailers.

Commenting on the forthcoming debut appearance of the new Battista, Salon Privé Co-Founder & Sales Director, David Bagley, said“I wholly concur with Pininfarina S.p.A Chairman, Paolo Pininfarina when he referred to the Battista as a work of art. It is just that - stunningly beautiful and elegant from every angle and yet its poise is true hypercar – low, wide and purposeful. With power and luxury to match, it is as they say a new reality for electric car desirability, and we are thrilled to be welcoming Automobili Pininfarina and Battista to this year’s Salon Privé.”

Michael Perschke, CEO Automobili Pininfarina said "Salon Privé is the perfect event at which to present the Battista in its most recent design form. The event is renowned for attracting true enthusiasts and car collectors who appreciate both automotive engineering and automotive beauty, and the Battista stands alone in presenting the perfect combination of both. With 89 years of Pininfarina heritage informing its design and a clear vision for the performance and drama that pure electrification can offer, Automobili Pininfarina looks forward to revealing the latest Battista for the first time in the UK”.

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