10 key questions to ask yourself when buying a boat

10 key questions to ask yourself when buying a boat

There are heaps of great boats on the market, but before you purchase your boat you need to ask yourself a few key questions to make sure that the boat you are considering buying will serve your purposes…

1. What type of boat suits your personality?
Do you imagine getting from place to place at speed or leisurely sailing or cruising to your destination?

2. Who will use the boat?
Will it be the family or will you invite friends? This may affect the size of the boat you choose.

3. What are your and your family and friend’s interests?
Do you want to water-ski, race, fish, or simply go cruising for a day, weekend or longer?

4. Where will you be boating?
Some boats are designed for ocean use, while others are more suitable for quiet canals, rivers and lakes.

5. When, and how often, will you use the boat?
Will you boat year-round or seasonally?

6. Will you be happy with a larger boat kept in one place? Or, do you want the freedom to explore  with a small trailerable boat?

7. Where will your boat be stored? 
A large boat will need to be kept at a berth in a marina or a mooring. Will you be able to park your trailered boat at home?

8. Does your previous boating experience match the skills needed to operate the boat you want to buy?

We would always strongly recommend that you get some training before you cast off.

9. How much can you afford to spend?

Do your research and set yourself a boat buying budget – Remember to factor in maintenance, insurance, registration fees, and instruction and safety course fees.

10. Do you want to purchase a new boat with the reassurance guarantee?

New Boat vs Used Boat? Do you want to customise your boat or keep the costs down?

Finally, don’t rush the boat buying process. Boating entails much more than simply turning on the key and pulling away from the dock – the more time and effort you put into the proper selection of a boat, the more you will get out of it.......


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