Africa Eco Race recce team finalising 2020 route

Africa Eco Race recce team finalising 2020 route

The summer season is over and the AFRICA ECO RACE team is on track for the creation of the 12th edition (5th to 19th of January 2020) which will be full of new twists as the recce team leave for a 5 week/ 7.000 km adventure to finalise the 2020 route.

As each year, the recces are an extremely important part of the rally, It's at this point that the team meets the local, regional and gouvernment officials.

It is also a tough challenge to finalize the editing of the road-books and make them the most accurate and precise possible enabling the competitors to trust them blindly when navigating the beautiful african terrains raced through.

This year, the route will be full of surprises and the competitors will discover brand new stages as early as the first day upon desembarking on the 7th of January - and many new twists in in Mauritania.

For the 12th running of the Africa Eco Race, ZIGGO SPORT, 1st Sports TV channel in the Netherlands with over 4.000.000 spectators, will broadcast a daily 50 minute program.

The program will contain fresh rally-content every day and daily reports of Ziggo Sport F1 anchormen - Olav Mol and Jack Plooij

As with many other competitions, several rates are set depending on the date of the competitor's entry. Actually, the FIRST RATE is valid until 15th of September 2019.

ONLY 2 days left to participate in the AFRICA ECO RACE at a reduced budget.

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