The Alchemy of Watches, constructed from a mix of metals

The Alchemy of Watches,  constructed from a mix of metals

Similar to mixologists concocting a cocktail, watchmakers dabble their art in watchmaking alchemy — creating watches constructed from a mix of metals. Steel and gold (two-tone) watches was the first of its kind when Rolex first released its two-tone watch in the 1930s, its interpretation of sports luxury alchemy. These days watchmakers continue to experiment with material combinations from unconventional pairings to redefining the tried and tested pairings.

Mixing high-tech materials has been in the Zenith Defy collection DNA since it was relaunched in 2017. The Defy Inventor challenges watchmaking traditions by incorporating high-tech materials into watch cases and using high-beat movements. Zenith’s alchemical experiments for light-weight combinations resulted in a watch case made with titanium and featuring an Aeronith bezel, the world’s lightest aluminium composite material. This potent mix makes the Defy Inventor feel feather light on the wrist while ensuring maximum strength and toughness. Powered by the proprietary Zenith Oscillator, the ultrahigh beat mechanism beats at 18 hertz while a normal automatic mechanism beats at 4 hertz.

Image: Zenith Defy Inventor

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