Aero Legends support The Racehorse Sanctuary Fontwell Charity Raceday

Aero Legends support The Racehorse Sanctuary Fontwell Charity Raceday



Racecar's favourite Charity The Racehorse Sanctuary is delighted to announce that Aero Legends have arranged two unique flight experiences to be auctioned at The Sanctuary's Fontwell Park Charity Raceday Sunday 23rd February

Aero Legends’ mission is to provide customers with the opportunity to relive the flight training and flying experiences of Battle of Britain pilots using authentically restored wartime aircraft from that era, including the legendary Supermarine Spitfire.


There are few occasions in history when we can say that the actions of a few changed the destiny, not just of a country but of the world. The Battle of Britain is one of those moments. Great Britain owes a debt of gratitude to the small number of allied pilots that protected our skies during the long summer of 1940 and Aero Legends keeps the memory and knowledge of this period alive for future generations.


Lot 1
A Flight in an original Spitfire.  A 20 minute airborne experience like no other! Sent   
Undertake a passenger flight in a Second World War Spitfire T9.  In this very rare and unique experience you’re flying in an actual Spitfire used during WW2 combat. To fly in a Spitfire is the ultimate bucket list experience!


Your Spitfire has been converted to the Vickers Supermarine dual control, two-seat design. This gives you the full Spitfire experience with excellent visibility over the famous elliptical wing throughout your Spitfire Flight


Lot 2
A flying lesson in a de Havilland Tiger Moth – Fly this open cockpit biplane Feel the aircraft through the controls and experience what it was like to be an RAF Spitfire Pilot Trainee in the Second World War.  There are only a small number of Tiger Moths that remain fully certified to carry passengers – a rare opportunity to enjoy this thrilling once in a lifetime experience!   

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