Red Bull Austrian GP Friday practice review

Red Bull Austrian GP Friday practice review


First Practice Session: 1:05.418, Position: 3, Laps: 37
Second Practice Session: 1:05.215, Position: 8, Laps: 41

“It felt good to be back in the car and after a few laps you are quite easily back into the rhythm. Overall it was a positive day, the car was handling well and I’m pleased with the number of laps we did which is really important after such a long break. The lap times don’t really say anything because I broke my front wing on the push lap, so we had to fit a different wing. I think we were a little too aggressive for that and I had a spin and a little off, but nothing major. The kerbs are what they are here and it’s the same for everyone, the front wing doesn’t really like the yellow kerbs so we do have to be careful. We are I think confident and there are always things we can do better but overall it was a good day and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”


First Practice Session: 1:05.701, Position: 7, Laps 29
Second Practice Session: 1:05.453, Position: 13, Laps: 47

“Today felt pretty good and it was nice to be back in the car. I’m happy and excited that we’re back underway and I think everyone was on it straight away which I was quite surprised about! It’s been a long time since we did this amount of running so there’s a lot to look through now ahead of tomorrow. There are a couple of things we need to work on, and there’s always a bit of time in your driving and set-up, so we’ll see where we are tomorrow but we know what to do. You’ve got to build up to the limit here as the kerbs are dangerous and some of them can be front-wing killers if you hit them too hard. But overall the car felt good, I feel good, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”