Highland 1000 set to be UK's first post lockdown classic rally

Highland 1000 set to be UK's first post lockdown classic rally

Organising a classic car rally is a demanding affair at the best of times, to which the pandemic has inevitably added a further layer of challenges. Nevertheless, Bespoke Rallies has now obtained permission to run its popular Highland 1000 Scottish touring rally from September 23-27, making it the first post-lockdown automotive adventure of its type in the UK.

Using its custom Virtual Marshal system, the company no longer requires physical marshals to handle its time sheets, as this can now be achieved automatically, with splits fed back to the cars in real time.

Said Bespoke Rallies Director John Brigden: “With a pent-up demand to return to the road and have some fun, we have experienced a clamour for entries. However, with some European participants likely to be affected by the current quarantine regulations, it would be worth any interested parties checking with the rally office just in case spare places result - +44 (0)1483 271699.”

The Highland 1000 is suitable for all skill levels, and this year’s four-day event will start and finish in Falkirk – the home of the unique Falkirk Wheel. The rally will wind its way through some of Scotland’s finest scenery, taking in numerous familiar landmarks en route. The emphasis will be on fun, and the regularity tests will take place on quiet, largely deserted roads. Cars built from 1920 right through to 1989 are eligible, and there is a Touring option for those seeking a more relaxed drive. The last Highland 1000 finished in climactic fashion with just 12 seconds separating the first two cars home, and there’s every expectation that this year’s event will be equally close-run.

For further information on this and all of Bespoke Rallies’ many and varied automotive escapades see www.bespokerallies.com.

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