AFRICA ECO RACE: recce team travel to Senegal and Mauritania

AFRICA ECO RACE: recce team travel to Senegal and Mauritania

A week ago, the recce team arrived in Dakar to travel through Senegal and Mauritania to finalize a unique DAKAR / DAKAR route and the team are working on logistics to allow a greater number of participants to experience this unique race from January 5 to 17, 2021 - despite the restrictions related to Covid 19.

One of the strengths of the AFRICA ECO RACE is its team made up of enthusiasts, professionals and former pilots allowing great responsiveness whilst adapting to different situations and challenges.

Senegal has set up an effective response to Covid 19. According to a study carried out in September and based on various criteria, the American magazine “Foreign Policy” mentions Senegal as being an example, highlighting its experience in the fight against epidemics. Currently, the AFRICA ECO RACE is working in close collaboration with the various local authorities to facilitate the arrival of participants in Dakar. As for the return from Dakar at the end of the Rally, Senegal currently has no ongoing restriction.

The departure of all the vehicles of the caravan will be from the south of France, embarking on a cargo ship.  The checks will be lightened and will therefore be considered pre-checks. Competitors in the race, once registered, must complete a "technical pre-checks" file and return it to the organization. For everyone's comfort, the entire teams will therefore not have to travel to the port of embarkation, drivers can come and drop off the vehicles at the port.

Full crew and vehicle checks will take place in Dakar on January 2nd and 3rd, 2021. On January 4th, 2021, all vehicles will reach the 1st bivouac in Saint Louis, before starting the race, on the morning of January 5.

For obvious logistical reasons and given the new measures and programmr set out, the last teams in the process of registering must finalize their entries as soon as possible. All files must be finalized before November 1, 2020 in order to prepare for the pre-checks. The organization relies on your understanding.

For a week, the recce team has traveled through Senegal, in the middle of the rain season, to explore and discover special stages amongst this unique setting and playground, whilst ensuring the safety of the population and the participants.

Now, straight into Mauritania to complete the different stages. What awaits ? Rolling tracks and more sandy portions in the heart of the Saharan desert. Needless to say competitors will have a blast crossing these sumptuous landscapes in an immense and sometimes still unexplored playground. The pilots and co-pilots will have to think hard on their strategy if they plan on getting to the end of all the Mauritanian stages! 

Intense competition and twists ahead