AFRICA ECO RACE: Statement from Jean Louis Schlesser

AFRICA ECO RACE: Statement from Jean Louis Schlesser


Since the difficult and painful decision I had to make at the end of October, it is clear that the AFRICA ECO RACE is a big family. Many of you sent us messages of understanding and support and I wanted to thank you all warmly.

This confirms the values of the AFRICA ECO RACE that I have been defending from the start: conviviality, mutual aid, the passion that drives us while prioritizing the safety of all.

Now all my efforts are refocused on the future to satisfy our cravings for adventures and escapes.

We are working and planning on the next edition of AFRICA ECO RACE 2022, MONACO - DAKAR.

This edition will be organized in the pure tradition with a departure from Monaco. The whole caravan will board the boat towards Morocco. On January 4th, 2022, the participants in the AFRICA ECO RACE will take the start and travel through Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal. After having traveled nearly 6500kms, all the competitors will meet on the shores of the mythical Lac Rose, on January 16th, 2022.

In order to train and be prepared for this great adventure that is the AFRICA ECO RACE, and in the perspective that all the lights are green, we are planning to take you and share with you a new adventure always in the pure tradition of cross-country rallies, in a country which has a diverse playground and breathtaking landscapes as we all love. While waiting to unveil this new destination to you, this rally will take place the first half of October 2021, in 5 stages allowing everyone to escape for a week.

I personally wanted to share with you this new project - strongly advanced - to end this year 2020 on a positive note and look to the future with always the desire for new adventures and continue to satisfy our passion.

I take this opportunity to wish you happy holidays.
Take care of yourself and your loved ones.


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