EverythingM3s - BMW M Sport specialist - new web site by Racecar

EverythingM3s - BMW M Sport specialist - new web site by Racecar

Everything M3s is quickly establishing itself as the leading BMW M sport specialist in the UK and in a short period of time has established an enviable client base domestically and from customers all over the world.

This is no small part due to founder and ex-F1 mechanic Darragh Doyle's passion for all things BMW and the reputation the company has developed for the superb workmanship and attention to detail on a number of specialist BMW builds.

Although the business has generated significant profile for it's legendary OEM quality BMW M3 CSL manual conversions, the company is also renown for it's differential packages and servicing and restoring all manner of BMW's including:

BMW M2, BMW M3 E30, BMW M3 E36, BMW M3 E46, BMW M3 E90,E92,E93, BMW M3 F80, BMW M3 G80, BMW M4, BMW M5 E39, BMW M5 E60, BMW M5 F90, BMW M6, as well as some interesting classic BMW models.

EverythingM3s has a wide cross section of customers, from those who wish to preserve their cars in perfect factory fresh condition, with levels of attention to detail on maintenance and remedial work that cannot realistically be achieved at a mainstream franchised dealer, to clients who actively use their M's and come to us for modifications to further improve the driving experience.

We know their work is good and they are currently providing some TLC for our BMW E90 M3 manual work hack which is having some tidying up performed as well as the fitment of one of their handbuilt 4.4 differentials.

Racecar have built the web site, including a content management tool for various dynamic elements of the site. Hopefully when lockdown ends, we'll get a video of how our M3 performs with one of their special differentials!

Click here to view the EverythingM3s web site designed and built by Racecar

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