Vintage Bentley - new web site by Racecar

Vintage Bentley - new web site by Racecar

Just launched a new web site for Vintage Bentley - THE Vintage Bentley specialist - dealing exclusively in 1922 - 1932 W.O Bentley models.

The business was established by William Medcalf about 25 years ago and now consists of a team of 30 engineers and craftsman who in-house cover every facet of Bentley preservation, restoration, coachwork, engine builds and perhaps their best known service - event preparation. Their success in events like Paris to Peking, 1000 mile trial, le mans classic, benjafield trophy and numerous goodwood events is reflected by their rather full trophy cabinet and there is no question that they build cars to be driven hard!

The technology resources of their workshop is something else and in addition to supplying just about every single part for your 3 litre, 4.5 litre, 6.5 litre, 8 litre and Super Sports models, they also deal in these cars and have a mouthwatering selection of vintage bentley stock.

The rare Supersports model is one of their real specialities. Of the 18 made, the founder owns No.1 and their expertise with this model has led to them building a select number of continuation models with a short chassis and 200 BHP engine....the torque on the motors is prodigious and apparently can give "moderns" a good run for their money! We have been promised a go in one next year - can't wait!

One of the cool things we researched doing the site, was finding out the stories of the people who run these cars - they are no fair weather polishing bunch and they use these lovely old things properly. These Bentleys are now 90-100 years old and definitely a scenario where you are a custodian - keeping them in good order for the next generation.

Anyway - a fun project to work on - definitely the type of car to add to the lottery win list!

If you would like a bespoke web site as a specialist car dealer or restorer with similar production values - get in touch.

Click here for Vintage Bentley web site - designed and built by Racecar


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