Rare original engine 1967 Shelby GT350 crossing the block at Scottsdale

Rare original engine 1967 Shelby GT350 crossing the block at Scottsdale

With Worldwide Auctioneers this January 26

• Exceedingly rare with original engine, four-speed transmission and factory air-conditioning
• Authenticated heritage documented by Shelby Build Sheet and Marti Report
• Known history from new
• Well-appointed example; Exceptional performance
• First time ever offered at public auction
• Highly original in a desirable color combination

When Ford came to Carroll Shelby with the idea of making the then-new Ford Mustang into a super car, they did it with one purpose in mind - to put their new Mustang into the SCCA’s road racing winner’s circle. Throughout the halls of the Ford Division, the big push was for horsepower and racing, widely touted in their Total Performance sales campaign. 

While the full-size Fords were ruling the roost on NASCAR ovals and NHRA’s strips, the new sports compact had to make its own new market niche. Turning to the talents of Shelby, who had already cemented a pretty good bond with Ford through using their newly released small block V-8 for his awesome little Cobra and was already at work on the very special Cobra based Daytona coupes for Le Mans, Ford told Shelby what they wanted, and his team did the rest. 

Starting production in 1965, base Mustangs were assembled at the San Jose, California assembly plant and sent to Shelby’s shops in Venice to be transformed into, basically, street legal race cars. Production grew for 1966 and with the first major facelift for Mustang in 1967, the Shelby models received similar treatment. The base GT350 which used a Shelby-tuned version of Ford’s 271-horsepower small block, boosting output to a conservative 306 horsepower. 

Special wheels, Shelby only spoilers, hoods and front fascia were installed making these cars a cut above the regular popular pedestrian style Mustangs. 1967 would mark the last year that Shelby oversaw the assembly and creation of these high-performance cars, and they are truly treasured by collectors. Everything on them was Shelby, including what is probably the only car ever built to have the color of the paint coded into the serial number.

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