Airspeeder's historic first drag-race, video

Airspeeder's historic first drag-race, video

Click here for the video .... "Race Tension is Building" | Journey to EVTOL Test Drag Race - Part One | EXA Series

A landmark moment in the future of motorsport was played out in the deserts of South Australia as a pre-season test and concluded with the first ever timed electric flying car drag-race. 

The drag-race was part of a key pre-season testing session for EXA, Airspeeder’s first remotely-flown electric flying car racing season, created by the engineering sister company, Alauda Aeronautics. This historic moment provided a first glimpse of flying car racing as a sporting entity, ahead of international competition in 2022 and ultimately, piloted races. 

EXA Series race events will see grids of full-scale, remotely-flown electric flying cars - known as Speeders - race blade-to-blade in landscapes where motorsport has never been before. Teams from a broad range of industries will be provided with the Speeders but given technical and tactical freedom to approach gaining competitive edge in the series as they see fit. This will ensure close motorsport based on pilot skill and race management.

Because flying car racing does not require the same physical infrastructure as legacy motorsport, this presents a sport built from the ground-up with sensitivity to the global requirement to race with minimal ecological impact. 

This first drag-race represented the culmination of intense internal competition between two-sides of the Alauda Aeronautics technical team. The result was a tense and visually enthralling encounter with the internal teams forced to adapt strategy in line with wind and dust conditions in the selected desert location. As races play out in varying conditions including over ice, over sea, deserts and even forest locations, mastery of external factors add a compelling tactical layer to the sport. 

The EXA Drag Race was the first test of Alauda Mk3 Speeders in real race conditions, but also for pilots’ skill, the teams’ engineers, their race procedures, processes and logistics. Journey to Drag Race Part One introduces the people behind the scenes from Airspeeder Founder and CEO to Engineering Project Manager and Head of Design, as they prepare for the world's first flying car race. 

Text & Photo Credits: Airspeeder

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