Britain's first F1 team BRM offers new Motorsport Membership Experience

Britain's first F1 team  BRM  offers new Motorsport Membership Experience

The BRM Paddock Pass is a private membership club offering new levels of experiential, lifestyle and digital benefits for the Motorsport and Classic Car Enthusiast. 

The prominent 70+ year-old British racing team is staying true to its tradition of innovation by adopting advanced and emerging technologies to break new ground in the private membership sector, allowing its members to enjoy new and unprecedented levels of experiential, lifestyle and digital benefits.

BRM Paddock Pass membership is created not just for the existing BRM, motorsport and classic car enthusiasts, but also to inspire the new and next generation, with Britain’s first F1 team guiding them into the fun, vibrant and inclusive historic F1, motorsports and classic car world.

Reflecting the importance of legacy to hereditary BRM owners, the Owen family, BRM partnered with UK tech start-up,, incorporating their innovative use of technology to underpin a debenture-style membership that once acquired is yours to own. First-time purchase includes 12 months of the full experiential, lifestyle and digital benefits package, with flexible options to renew membership benefits annually or even pause renewal to a more convenient time. In addition, BRM's evolution of a legacy-style membership unlocks new options, allowing BRM Paddock Pass owners to gift their membership to a family member or even sell their membership at a future date.

Through their experiential and lifestyle benefits, BRM Paddock Pass owners can join the BRM community at signature race meets and member-only events. They can access members-only zoom chats and AMA sessions with former drivers, designers, and team members as well as discussing new BRM initiatives with the Owen Family. Other benefits include a fantastic welcome pack, discounts and priority whitelisting to other VIP events. Club membership also gives access to incredible competitions & prizes.

As a membership ‘first’ BRM’s partnership with provides members with privileged access to the renowned BRM photography, film and memorabilia archive – packed full of rare and often unseen F1 treasures accumulated over BRMs 70+ year history. With this exciting feature BRM is opening its archive not just to their traditional audience but engaging with the next generation of motorsport and classic car fans in a language they understand, which is digital. The BRM digital collectables initiative rewards members every month with gems from the archive, with each collectable unlocking unique ownership privileges. A digital rewards program allows members to build-up a personalised motorsport & historic F1 photography and film collection, specially curated by BRM for the membership community. Digital Collectables could be a rare photo, film clip, driver correspondence or a hand-drafted technical drawing.

The launch of the BRM Paddock Pass registration coincides with the official announcement that BRM have commissioned Doug Nye to write the manuscript for the highly anticipated, ‘BRM - The Saga of British Racing Motors Vol. 4.’  BRM Paddock Pass members will get members-only exclusive insights and updates throughout Doug’s work on the 4th volume of this world renowned BRM book series.

As well as this incredible behind-the-scenes access BRM are giving away a signed “Collectors’ Edition” of the highly acclaimed Ian Wagstaff / Doug Nye ‘BRM - Racing For Britain’ coffee table publication in a special competition open only to those who register their interest on the BRM Paddock Pass website.

With only 350 active BRM Paddock Pass memberships available, members can look forward to a highly exclusive and personal experience. Full Membership will open in October 2022, with pre-registration open now for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure only 35 Founder Tier memberships, which enjoy enhanced benefits and status.

Registering benefits include:

Automatic entry on BRM Paddock Pass private whitelist. Giving a 48-hour pre-launch window to secure one of only 35 ‘Founder Memberships’ at a promotional launch rate of £499.00
Discount code on the V16 Membership if you miss-out on a Founder Membership
Automatic entry into a competition to win a limited edition signed copy of the highly acclaimed, Porter Press coffee-table book ‘BRM - Racing For Britain’
Exclusive updates on new membership benefits and features prior to official public launch

Key points:

BRM club membership is limited to just 350 active memberships, starting at £499.
BRM Paddock Pass is a debenture-style membership that once acquired is yours to own, with only benefits requiring optional annual renewal, or even pause renewal until a more convenient time
As a company that has paved the way in breaking from convention, the BRM Paddock Pass is helping to protect the BRM legacy in an ever-increasing digital age.

Membership dues will be used in the following ways:

55% of membership dues are reinvested into membership benefits.
25% of membership dues will be allocated to charities BRM support, sustainability projects and supporting BRM partners in their STEM initiatives 
20% of membership dues will be spent on membership administration

Owen Family, Founders of British Racing Motors
“We are delighted to be collaborating with and their highly experienced team to launch this mould- breaking programme. When we took the decision to “Reawaken” the BRM marque we set ourselves a mission that has three legs to its stool – tell the BRM story authentically, introduce it to a new audience, and to “Go Racing” – the BRM Paddock Pass gives us a unique platform to deliver these objectives alongside a committed membership community that will be a vital part of our journey and be there ‘in the paddock’ with us”

Click here to register your interest

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