Strong result for Escort RS1600i MkIII confirms high demand for sporting Fords

Strong result for Escort RS1600i MkIII confirms high demand for sporting Fords

Immaculate 1983 Escort RS1600i MkIII sells for £40,250 on Car & Classic auction portal
Restored twice in the last ten years, and tuned to ‘fast road’ spec
Ford Escort is second most-searched-for model on Car & Classic
‘Bread-and-butter’ standard Fiestas also on demand
Sporting models from the Eighties and Nineties continue to be highly sought-after

Online platform Car & Classic clocks a new record with the latest auction sale of an immaculate Ford Escort RS1600i MkIII for £40,250, the highest official price achieved for the model by the successful online classic car auction site.

A true ‘homologation special’ and increasingly one of the most coveted sporting Fords of the Eighties, the RS1600i sold by Car & Classic was restored to very high standards not once, but twice in the last decade; its engine has been rebuilt and tuned to ‘fast road’ specification, but the original (and increasingly rare) twin-coil ignition system was retained. Gearbox and running gear were refurbished or replaced accordingly.   

“It is clear that models which fired up the imagination of car enthusiasts in the Eighties and Nineties, who perhaps couldn’t afford them when they were launched, are becoming increasingly popular and commanding premium prices,” says Car & Classic Head of Editorial Chris Pollitt.

Confirming the popularity of one of the most loved cars in the UK and recently discontinued model, the Ford Fiesta, Car & Classic predicts an imminent further rise in interest.   

“Sporting Escorts are not the only Fords to be sought after,” Pollitt continues. “Between 2021 and 2022, only a handful of Fiestas may have officially been sold for over £20k on the auction market and the 1983 XR2 which fetched £18,250 on our Car & Classic auction platform is evidence of the interest in performance Fords.

‘Bread-and-butter’ versions like standard Fiesta MkIIs and MkIIIs in original and well preserved condition also seem to be gaining ground, as this Ford Fiesta MkII and this Popular Plus show,” says Pollitt.

The Ford Escort continues to be popular on Car & Classic, as the second most-searched-for model in Q3 2022. Modern classics are more popular than ever, especially ‘90s and ‘00s models, ranging from sporty cars like Nissan 200SXs and Toyota MK2s to daily drivers like VW Golfs and Minis, through to family saloons like the BMW 3-series (E30 and E36).  

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