New AC Cobra GT Roadster makes global debut in London

New AC Cobra GT Roadster makes global debut in London

Private preview at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium a roaring success

The stunning new AC Cobra GT Roadster has made its global premiere in London, with confirmed buyers and customers invited to the exclusive reveal, as the legendary sports car makes its sensational return.

Hosted at the world-famous Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, just 25 miles from where the company was first established, the state-of-the- art roadster wowed customers and assembled VIPs as the all-new design was unveiled for the first time.

Available in both left and right-hand drive and powered by a thunderous 5.0-litre V8, delivering up to 663PS, the unique car features a novel extruded aluminum spaceframe chassis and carbon-composite bodywork to deliver a remarkable driving experience in a highly limited-production vehicle.

Showing everything from the iconic and evocative bodywork through to the bespoke interior, the new AC Cobra GT Roadster’s premiere allowed customers to experience the new car’s styling, revel in the cabin’s design and meet the team responsible for ensuring the new sports car upholds the famous name’s legacy.

Speaking at the premiere, David Conza, Chief Executive Officer of AC Cars, said: "Our goal was to surpass the expectations of our esteemed clientele, who have grown accustomed to the finest in automotive luxury. The overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from the attendees confirms that we have well and truly exceeded those expectations. The AC Cobra GT Roadster is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. We are delighted that customers could join us from around the world, and thank them for placing the upmost faith in us.”

The brand new AC Cobra GT Roadster
Starting with a clean-sheet design, the AC Cobra GT Roadster is a cutting-edge modern sports car, produced using the latest technology and engineering processes, yet it remains faithful to the spirit of the AC Cobra of the 1960s.

The new roadster is the result of a multi-million Euro investment sustained over nearly four years. Intended to be both beautiful and usable as a sports car, it remains in a class of its own. Just 250 examples of the GT Roadster are expected to be built for worldwide markets every year, with the first year of production already allocated.

Designed to be fully road legal, available in left and right-hand drive, and incorporate modern safety features, every aspect, from the styling through to ergonomics, has been considered.

Significantly larger than the original AC Cobra, the new GT Roadster catches up on 50 years of design evolution. Thoroughly modern ergonomics means the car’s cabin accommodates drivers well over six-feet tall, while the car utilises modern drivetrain and control technologies to validate its grand tourer credentials.

The new chassis has a wheelbase of 2570mm, 284 mm longer than the AC Cobra Mk. VI, yet the car’s overall length has grown only 110mm, up to 4225mm.  The car’s track has also been optimised to give a wider stance, which, along with the car’s weight distribution and centre of gravity, drastically benefits handling and agility.

Extremely light and with exceptional tortional rigidity, the highly advanced extruded aluminium spaceframe chassis was designed for an open-top car yet. Clothed in a flowing carbon-composite body, which itself weighs under 50kg, the new AC Cobra’s kerb weight remains under 1450kg.

Once again, the AC Cobra draws on a formidable V8 engine for the firepower needed to deliver the speed and soundtrack respected by fans around the world. Available in two distinct configurations, the new GT Roadster comes with either a naturally aspirated 5.0-litre V8 or a supercharged version using the same modular engine.

Developing up to 654bhp (663PS) and 575lb ft (780Nm) - or 454bhp (460PS) and 420lb ft (570Nm) in standard configuration - the supercharged GT Roadster is capable of sprinting from 0-60mph in just 3.4sec. Perfectly complementing the engines, two gearboxes are available: a 6-speed manual gearbox for purists or an advanced 10-speed automatic gearbox with steering-wheel mounted shift paddles.

Befitting such an advanced and highly exclusive car, the AC Cobra GT Roadster’s cabin has received as much care and devotion as the rest of the design. Featuring bespoke details and unique hand finished elements unseen in the automotive world before, it underlines AC Cars’ commitment to its vehicles going forward.

The design and detailing of the GT Roadster’s leatherwork and upholstery carefully blends advanced and highly resilient fabrics with traditional materials, yet once again respects the car’s heritage.

The car is now available to order for clients worldwide, and customers can schedule a personal consultation with a member of the team, as well as reserve their new AC Cobra GT Roadster at

About AC Cars
The Weller Brothers established what is now Britain’s oldest vehicle manufacturer in 1901, producing cars and motorbikes from their workshop in West Norwood, London. The nascent company produced its first vehicle in 1903, but the Autocarrier was introduced a year later (from which the name AC was later derived). The first three-wheel commercial delivery vehicle, it proved an instant success.

However, the AC Ace cemented the company’s status following its launch in 1953. With an aluminium body designed and built by Eric George Gray, it gained the respect of racing enthusiasts for its everyday practicality and racing pace. This was the car which would evolve to incorporate the Ford V8 and become the AC Cobra of legend.

Over the years, the AC Cobra has endured, with its unmistakable shape and unique design. With production limited and every car built to an exacting standard, it remains reserved for an exclusive clientele.

With its own facilities in the UK and Germany, AC Cars is working with leading industry suppliers for the AC Cobra GT Roadster’s design and development, and construction of the new car heralds the return of European production for the company’s vehicles. In addition to its new Donington HQ, AC Cars will continue to expand its development and production capabilities in the UK.

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