Pole to Pole: The Epic EV Expedition gets off to an icy start

Pole to Pole: The Epic EV Expedition gets off to an icy start

KICK START: 1823 Magnetic North Pole

This epic expedition got off to an icy start at the 1823 Magnetic North Pole. With over 27,000 km ahead of them, the extreme adventurers of the Pole to Pole team relied on their trusty modified Nissan Ariya e-4ORCE to navigate them through icy boulder fields, deep powder snow and even past the odd polar bear or two.

Pushing electric mobility further than it has ever been before, this part of the expedition relied heavily on the many benefits of Nissan’s e-4ORCE system. Lowering the pressure in specially modified tyres allowed the Ariya to simply float across the deep arctic snow and sea ice while the superior control and handling of e-4ORCE meant Chris and Julie could tackle the uneven, slippery arctic floor with confidence - a welcome benefit when taking on an incredibly daunting mission!

ON THE JOURNEY: Cambridge Bay
At a temperature of -39 degrees, the Ariya cruised through Cambridge Bay, a prime fishing spot on the hunt for the Northern Lights and despite the heavy snowfall, the Ariya stayed right on track.

Whilst in Cambridge Bay, Chris and Julie made a stop to pump up the Ariya e-4ORCE’s tyres for the next leg of their adventure. They were also introduced to the Elders of the historic hamlet of Cambridge Bay. Their introduction to the Elders was an opportunity to communicate the mission and ethos of the Pole to Pole expedition - to encourage sustainability efforts and promote a shift to electrification.

Carefully navigating down the ice road to Yellowknife, Chris and Julie were against the clock. Their mission? Crossing the melting passage before it became impassable. The Ariya proved its superior roadholding in these wet conditions with the e-4ORCE system delivering reassuring traction, confident acceleration, and smooth handling thanks to its advanced all-wheel control technology.

However, this arctic leg of the expedition was unfortunately impacted by many factors outside of the team’s control. Pushing it down to the wire and cranking up the pressure on them to squeeze every last drop of efficiency.

In the North West territories of Canada, Chris and Julie reached ’the Hub of the North’!

Hitting tarmac was a huge relief for Chris and Julie, knowing they had made it out of the icy arctic, without running into any significant issues. Although they missed the wilderness and the freedom of vast expanses, being on tarmac-ed normality allowed the Ariya to perform at its best, meaning Chris and Julie could relax and enjoy even more the ride.

Navigating through the varied and sometimes treacherous conditions of the Arctic Ocean and across the tundra of the arctic wilderness left Chris, Julie and the Ariya e-4ORCE needing a recharge. They stopped off in Hay River to mix and mingle with the welcoming community who made sure they were ready for their trip down to Edmonton.

Follow the explorers directly on: @poletopoleev or visit the Pole to Pole EV blog


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