Billion pound line-up headlines the biggest SCD Secret Meet

Billion pound line-up headlines the biggest SCD Secret Meet

A collection of some of the world’s most exclusive and hotly anticipated hypercars were a particular highlight, as Donington Park hosted the 2023 edition of the SCD Secret Meet by Supercar Driver earlier this week. The event saw more than 500 cars descend on the circuit over the two days, with awe-inspiring displays in the paddock and a packed track schedule. Owners demonstrated a magnificent cross-section of road and track cars spanning more than six decades, concluding with an exciting timed shootout, which tested the drivers in tricky wet conditions.

Since its inception, the members-only event has grown rapidly to establish itself as a must for petrolheads; owners and enthusiasts, alike. This year’s edition was the biggest and most impressive to-date, with privately-owned cars joined by the dealers and manufacturer representation for the first time. Among the sights within the paddock, premier partners of the event, McLaren Automotive debuted the new 750S supercar as part of the brand’s 60th anniversary, while hosting guests and running test drives of their new hybrid sportscar, the Artura.

As the event built up on the first day, each arrival across the two paddocks saw yet more exotic machinery put into position. A selection of Formula 1 cars from teams such as Benetton, McLaren, Tyrell, and Leyton House, were joined by a fantastic selection of GT1-based machinery from the 1990s. Rare examples of the McLaren F1, Mercedes AMG CLK, Maserati MC12, Ferrari F40 and Lamborghini Diablo, as well as the only TVR Cerbera Speed 12were displayed and run dynamically on track, joined by a truly world-class selection of the latest hypercars. These included the first showing of the Koenigsegg CC850, the new Formula 1-engined Mercedes AMG One, the Gordon Murray T.50, Aston Martin Valkyrie, both road and AMR track examples, and the first public track running of the Praga Bohema. This line up was brought together as part of a track parade, along with a collection of 20 Porsche Carrera GTs, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the era defining V10 supercar. Lamborghini also had a significant presence on track and in the paddock, as the Italian brand honours six decades of supercar production. The paddock saw owners and exhibitors showcase an extensive range of models from the back catalogue.

While the weather did affect the track running element of the event, it did not dampen the spirits of those attending. Drivers took to the track, while members and the gathered enthusiast and media watched the action closely. The hypercar saw over 80 cars carefully navigate Donington’s famous circuit, before the speeds increased for the Secret Meet Shootout. Despite tricky conditions – starting in the dry before a heavy downpour – the competitive edge was still very evident as the varied list of competitors battled it out for the ultimate honour of being the quickest. Running first, in initially dry conditions, Ollie Webb in the Rodin F-Zed single seater set a time which would ultimately not be beaten, before a heavy downpour. After a delayed start, the field then battled it out, with David McDonald the quickest of the wet runners in both the open wheeled class, at the wheel of the World Series by Renault single seater, and the competition class with the Lamborghini Huracan GT3. The Roadcar class was then topped by the Ford Escort ‘Coswecan’, driven by Jamie Clarke.

Commenting on the biggest and most successful event to-date, Supercar Driver founder and managing director, Adam Thorby explained: “What a truly incredible two days. The event has grown year-on-year, and has become something I never expected possible when we first set out on this journey. Our members, the partners and all the supporters have helped pull together one of the most impressive collections of mouth-watering cars, and it was almost too much to take in. Every arrival of a transporter brought something even more special!

“It has taken many months of planning and coordination to bring everything together, and the whole team has done a fantastic job, and even though we knew everything that was expected, there were moments where we couldn’t quite believe what we were looking at. It certainly wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our premier partners; First Point Insurance, The Glenturret Whisky, Global Telemetrics, JBR Capital, McLaren Automotive and Pirelli, and I am incredibly proud of the line-up of cars we pulled together across the paddock and with the cars on track. The weather couldn’t even dampen things down, and the display of Carrera GTs leading one of the most mind-blowing hypercar line-ups I think has ever been assembled, will stay with me for a long time. The added competitive element at the end of the second day really added something special as well, and it was a great way to sign off such a fantastic event.

“It’s going to be a tough one to top, but 2024 is already in the planning stage"

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