Ford GT Carbon Series selling Saturday @ Worldwide Auctioneers

Ford GT Carbon Series selling Saturday @ Worldwide Auctioneers

2021 Ford GT Carbon Series  -  CHASSIS NO: 2FAGP9DW7MH200099

• Highly desirable Carbon Series example; One of the most exclusive Ford GTs built
• Offered from its singular owner, on Ford’s design team that helped design and build the 2016 Le Mans-winning Ford GT and production Ford GTs
• Finished in Shadow Black with exposed gloss carbon fiber over a carbon interior
• 0 to 60 in less time than it takes you to read this line
• Accompanied by order documentation, window sticker, photos from the build at Multimatic, exclusive design-team-only Autodromo Ford GT watch, Multimatic team exclusive ‘1,000’ Ford GT poster, and a Ford GT order kit

Drawing upon their rich and coveted history to create a 21st-century masterpiece of truly unique proportions, the Ford Motor Company combined art and elegance with tremendous power and aerodynamic speed to bless automotive enthusiasts around the world with this 2021 Ford GT Carbon Series. As one of the most exclusive Ford GTs offered since its resurgence in 2015 at the Detroit Auto Show, this example is 1 of just 50 Ford GT Carbon Series manufactured across the globe. Offered from its singular owner, this Ford GT has had the unique opportunity to be under the ownership of one of the people responsible for designing the 2016 Le Mans-winning Ford GT and production Ford GTs.

Having been on the Ford Design team for multiple years working on various projects, Russell Sims, an emerging Ford design team engineer, was selected and tabbed by the Heads of Ford with a top-secret project code-named “Phoenix”. Operating out of the “Batcave”, the basement of the Ford design studio to keep things as quiet as possible, Russell and team began designing the components for the 2016 Ford GT that would take on the notorious 24 Hours of Le Mans. Once finished, Sims and the other members of the top-secret Le Mans Ford GT project accompanied Bill Ford and other Ford executives to France to watch the Ford GT take home a historic first-place finish while in Ford’s exclusive presidential suite above pit lane. With a storybook ending, the next task was going back to the States and finalizing the production Ford GTs that would revolutionize the supercar class across the board.

Fast forward a few years later, and Sims would be given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and granted an allocation for one of the most exclusive Ford GTs one could obtain. Serial number M099 was hand-selected as an upside-down homage to the Ford GT40 that won Le Mans in ’66. This example is finished in the sinister shade of Shadow Black with the Carbon Series exclusive gloss carbon fiber package. The exterior is further enhanced with a $20,000 Carbon Red graphics package that adds a single red stripe, red brake calipers, and matching red mirrors that few Ford GTs possess, as it resembles that of the 2016 Le Mans-winning Ford GT.

Coming in at an astonishing 40 pounds lighter than a base Ford GT, the body panels, bonnet, bumpers, doors, front splitter, rear diffuser, shell, underbody shield, retractable wing, and 20-inch gloss exposed wheels are all constructed of modern-day carbon fiber. Adding to its weight reduction, this example left the factory with equipment Group 600A, which consists of titanium lug nuts, a titanium exhaust, a lightweight Alcantara steering wheel, and a lightweight titanium tow hook. With carbon fiber components used throughout the entire cabin, the interior of this supercar is designed to cocoon the driver in total luxury and comfort, all while reaching blistering speeds. Ford balanced the mix of performance and driver comforts by equipping this vehicle with air-conditioning, an adjustable steering wheel, adjustable carbon fiber Alcantara wrapped Sparco seats, a radio, and the Sync 3 Apple CarPlay technology pack.

Once the car is started and the titanium exhaust unleashes its very intense and amplified rumble, this Ford GT Carbon has one mission, to attack gravity like nothing else on the road, as it is as close as one can get to having a street-legal Formula 1 race car. Between its lightweight carbon fiber body, aerodynamic design, and 660 horsepower, mid-mounted twin-turbocharged engine, this GT teleports from 0 to 60 mph in a time of 3.0 seconds and can cover a quarter mile in 10.8 seconds, all while achieving an impressive top speed of 216 mph.

Carrying merely 1,800 miles from new and having already had its first servicing and oil change, all of the break-in miles have been worked out and this Ford GT presents itself as one that can be thoroughly enjoyed now and still gain value in the future. A pinnacle in the current owner's career, having been on the design team that engineered these second-generation Ford GTs, he explains that driving this car is unlike anything else on the road and is one that every enthusiast and serious car collector should have on their bucket list. Having enjoyed this example for the last two years, he is ready for someone else to experience the same excitement and pure joy he has while owning this GT.

This Carbon Series GT is accompanied by its original order documentation, window sticker, photos from the build at Multimatic, exclusive design-team-only Autodromo Ford GT watch, and Multimatic team exclusive ‘1,000’ Ford GT poster. The next owner will also receive a Ford GT order kit, which the current owner is also responsible for designing while working on the Ford design team. The exclusive Ford GT order kit comes in a latching carbon fiber case that includes exterior color samples, one of which is a one-of-one master paint sample of the Heritage Edition Ford GT, interior material swatches, and miniature replicas of various wheel and brake caliper options.

Simply put, this Ford GT Carbon Series is not just a machine, but a combination of art and automobile that carries an allure that stirs passion within everyone that glances over it. This final-year example is the fastest and lightest, and therefore the best iteration of all the Ford GTs. It is every bit as exhilarating to drive as it appears and is a supercar that encapsulates the essence of the Ford spirit. The ultimate expression of one of the world’s most widely recognized supercars in existence, this design team, one-owner, virtually new 2021 Ford GT Carbon Series has already achieved icon status.

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