BAC to launch new supercar at Monterey Car Week

BAC to launch new supercar at Monterey Car Week

Global debut will take place at the ‘House of BAC’ in Carmel Valley on August 17, the day before The Quail
Latest-generation road-legal single-seater supercar has been carefully homologated and optimized to offer a new type of scintillating BAC driving experience

The new supercar adheres to BAC’s core 'one-of-a kind’ philosophy while delivering on the brand’s revered values centering on focused high-performance, lightweight engineering, dynamic chassis and suspension and unique design
Located in the heart of Carmel Valley, BAC’s ‘House of BAC’ will host media, customers and friends of the brand the day before The Quail, showcasing the all-new supercar

BAC’s presence at Monterey Car Week further reinforces the company’s upward global trajectory as a high-performance and ultra-luxury lifestyle brand

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) is to unveil a new single-seater supercar at Monterey Car Week 2023 in California.

The new high-performance model, which will make its global debut on August 17 at the ‘House of BAC’ in the heartland of Carmel Valley, will sit alongside the acclaimed Mono R in the brand’s expanding supercar line-up.

Engineered to deliver a contrasting ‘behind-the-wheel’ experience to that of its Mono R sibling, the new supercar maintains BAC’s core DNA and brand values having been developed around the company’s ‘one-of-a-kind’ philosophy. The result is a new BAC road-legal single-seater supercar that will add a new dimension to the company’s current product offering while maintaining the marque’s legendary scintillating performance, power and handling attributes.

In addition to the global debut of its new supercar, BAC’s presence at this year’s Monterey Car Week marks the first time the brand will be at the legendary automotive and motorsports gathering in an official capacity, reinforcing the company’s upward global trajectory as a high-performance and ultra-luxury lifestyle marque.

The company’s base across Monterey Car Week (August 17 to August 21) is nestled within the heartlands of Carmel Valley at the ‘House of BAC’, a carefully curated organic-inspired ranch that embodies the dynamic, thrilling and luxurious nature of the brand. As well as featuring an extensive and renowned vineyard, the ranch is a stone’s throw away from The Quail, the legendary automotive gathering that this year takes place the day after the global debut of BAC’s new supercar.

At the ‘House of BAC’, the company’s senior executive team – including co-founders Neill and Ian Briggs, who are also head of product development and head of design respectively, and recently appointed chairman Mike Flewitt – will welcome media and VIP guests as they unveil the new model.

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