Matching numbers Aston Martin DB Mark III Drophead Coupé @,Worldwide Auctioneers

Matching numbers Aston Martin DB Mark III Drophead Coupé @,Worldwide Auctioneers

1 of only 84 drophead coupés produced
Highly desirable left-hand-drive variant
Numbers-matching DB Mark III
1 of only 64 produced with twin SU carburetors
Recently given a full service

The Aston Martin DB Mark III is arguably the most enchanting sports car to ever be conceived under the Union Jack. With the swagger of Sean Connery and the sophistication of John le Carré, this thoroughly British DB Mark III matches handcrafted luxury with sporting road manners in an inimitable, svelte body draped over its impressive engine. This numbers-matching time capsule is 1 of only 84 drophead coupés produced, which makes it as rare as it is undeniably desirable.

Aston Martin’s path to stardom was paved with myriad obstacles. It began as a boutique operation between two racing enthusiasts who were forced to shift gears, so to speak, amidst two world wars. Aston Martin was essentially pulled from the blitz-fueled rubble by industrialist, David Brown, hence the DB designation, and the small firm was given a glamorous second chapter. This period was truly a golden era for Aston Martin. Early efforts included a 14-car production that was a mere warm-up for the DB2, which found ample success, but the next model would become the most evolved and sophisticated of the line. The DB Mark III was featured in motorcar enthusiast Ian Fleming’s spectacular James Bond novel, Goldfinger, and the movie rights would trigger an ongoing love affair with Aston Martin on the silver screen. 

The devastatingly beautiful DB Mark III, bodied by Tickford and equipped with W.O Bentley’s 2,922cc dual-overhead cam, inline six-cylinder engine, was the post-war sensation the firm had been working toward. It launched Aston Martin into stardom and resulted in one of the most desirable sportscars to ever roll out of Britain. Only 551 units were produced, but the impact they left behind is staggering, making them all the more valuable today. Of that number, only 84 were produced as drophead coupés, and a mere 64 of those feature twin-SU carburetors, as offered here.

The Auburn Auction - August 31 - September 2

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