Nichols Cars N1A debuts at upcoming Bicester Heritage Scramble this October

Nichols Cars N1A debuts at upcoming Bicester Heritage Scramble this October

Latest triumph by legendary Formula One engineer Steve Nichols to be publicly debuted at the upcoming Bicester Heritage Scramble
Held on Sunday 8 October, the Nichols Cars N1A will sit against Bicester Heritage’s famous backdrop, taking pride-of-place at the event’s entrance
Making its public debut, the lightweight, 900 kg, Can-Am-inspired British sports car was displayed privately at Silverstone Festival on 25-27 August
Limited to just 100 examples, the launch run of 15 cars have already found excited custodians, with the first customer cars to be seen Summer 2024

Nichols Cars and Bicester Heritage can reveal that the N1A will make its UK public debut at the upcoming Scramble event on 8 October.

Launched this July, the production-ready N1A from British brand, Nichols Cars, inspired enthusiasts, collectors and media alike with its unwavering commitment to the joy of driving. Weighing just 900 kg, driven by a 7.0-litre V8 (as standard in the launch edition), with minimal driver aids and maximum attention-to-detail, the N1A combines a modern approach to engineering with a heritage-inspired driving experience.

Only ever seen under cover, including a private preview at last weekend’s (25-27 August) Silverstone Festival, Nichols Cars invites car enthusiasts to visit the team at the upcoming (8 October) Scramble event, nestled within the expansive, historic Bicester Heritage site in Oxfordshire. Taking pride of place at the entrance of the event with a dedicated stand to house the N1A, Nichols Cars’ team, and a small enclosure for fans and customers alike.

John Minett, CEO of Nichols Cars, said: “Following the launch of the N1A, Steve and I are eager to show the UK public the beauty of the N1A in a tangible sense. The dedication and hard work are visible on the N1A and can now be fully appreciated in its physical entirety. Our goal was to create a modern British sports car, one that had a rich history that we could further build upon, adding to the rich heritage that Nichols Cars was founded to immortalise, and we are pleased that the N1A will be revealed in a dynamic setting. These two events are firm staples in the British automotive calendar, and we think they fully represent the heritage and celebration that we are trying to emote with the N1A, too.”

Philip White, associate director ‑ brand and marketing of Bicester Heritage, said: “The Nichols N1A aligns perfectly with the ethos of Bicester Heritage, being rooted in history but at the same time being at the very cutting edge of technology. For the Scramble to be the scene of its public debut is fantastic, and we cannot wait to give enthusiasts the chance to see it up close.”

With Bicester Heritage renowned for housing a community of specialists, craftspeople and businesses dedicated to the restoration, maintenance and celebration of classic cars, the event captures the hearts and minds of collectors – and usually sells out. A prime platform for the N1A, the upcoming Scramble meet offers an ideal environment to engage with a passionate and knowledgeable audience who will truly appreciate the craftsmanship and design of the car.

Additionally, with 2023 marking 60 years since the inception of the legendary McLaren M1A, of which Nichols Cars takes inspiration from, the N1A’s appearance will provide attendees with the chance to experience the N1A first-hand and the opportunity to appreciate its innovative features. The N1A’s participation at these events underscores the brand’s dedication to providing exceptionally produced cars, with its underlying DNA harking back to the golden era of Formula One racing. There are several design hints taken from the famed McLaren MP4/4 – from its striking visual presence, wicked handling, and an Ayrton Senna-inspired gear knob. 

Nichols Cars privately displayed the N1A at the Silverstone Festival on 25-27 August in conjunction with the British Racing Drivers Club (BRDC). For any customers or suppliers looking to set up a meeting before, during or after the Bicester Heritage Scramble are invited to do so via its website. With the total production of the N1A limited to no more than 100 vehicles (including the launch edition run of 15 cars), this lightweight, rear-wheel-drive sports car comes with a top-of-the-range 7.0-litre all-alloy V8 engine and a fully-customisable interior, offering a car for motorsport purists who truly enjoy the pleasure of driving.

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